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“I sometimes feel out of my depth when I talk to people about cars. But the whole process was smooth and simple here, and they really paid attention to my wishes.”

“The finance people helped me understand my budget and get the payments in order. I was able to invest in the vehicle I needed and I didn’t overstretch myself financially either. I would certainly recommend you!”

  If you've got bad credit and you're looking to buy a new or used car, you're in the right place. Just click below to start the bad credit application!  

We're the #1 auto loan provider for every credit type in ! When you apply with Auto Approval Center, you can be assured you're in the right hands. Most people have some type of bad credit history and Auto Approval Center understands. We're here to help you get the automobile you want, and the financing you deserve.

We can help you get a loan no matter what your credit history is. The auto loan application is FREE, and easy to fill-out, it usually only takes a couple of minutes to complete. That's it; there is no obligation from you at all.

Remember it doesn't matter if you have bad credit, problem credit or even bankruptcies. We realize that people get into credit trouble all the time, our dealers will help you through your auto loan and get you behind that new car you deserve.

Based on the economic forecast, auto loan interest rates are down due to lowering interest rates from balancing the budget since the year 2000. Auto loans are a lot easier to obtain at this time. If you are looking to buy a new or used car you can get loans much easier these days with bad credit, poor credit, fair credit or no credit at all.

You can save time and money buying an automobile by applying for a car loan online. You can rely on us for affordable hassle free finance almost instantly. Bankruptcy is not a problem!

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I've Got Bad Credit - Should I Forget About Applying For A Car Loan?

Car LoanWho do you think benefits from car loans? If you are like a lot of people you're probably thinking of folks who have good credit score and plenty of surplus cash at their disposal to cover their car loan payments each month.

But while this covers some of us, a lot of people don't fall into this group at all. In fact since the recession came along, more and more of us are struggling to make ends meet. Even if you are managing on a daily basis you may have debts and arrears gleaned from those recessionary times that are hanging onto you and only gradually being paid off.

Lots of things can cause your credit score to take a hit, and there is no doubt that a lot of people went through this very experience during the rough times. But even when you come out the other side and you are firmly on your feet again, it can take your credit score a little while to catch up.

Now let's suppose the car sitting outside your house right now is a little beat up and on its last legs (or wheels). You know you can't do without a car, but your credit score doesn't seem to be looking healthy enough to allow you to buy another one.

So what do you do?

Perhaps surprisingly you can still go out and apply for an auto loan if you need one to finance your next car. Lots of people assume that because they have bad credit they can't get the auto loan they need. All the doors will be slammed in their face and they'll just have to save for the long term and buy one whenever they can afford it but this isn't necessarily the case.

Next Auto Approval specializes in providing auto loans for people with bad credit. We know that not everyone has a spotless credit record and we cater for just those people who may not come up with the money elsewhere. The interest rates will vary of course but they could be more reasonable than you think.

The fact is that Next Auto Approval has a 98% acceptance rate, provided you meet a few simple and straightforward conditions beforehand. For instance if you don't have any form of income, you obviously won't be able to apply for your loan. But if you have a minimum level of income you'll be accepted provided you meet those other conditions as well.

This opens up the car buying market for those people who probably need it the most. It would be superb to just be able to go out and buy a brand new car whenever you needed to, but after the recession, 'savings' is a word that is alien to most of us who are simply trying to make ends meet.

So don't discount the idea of getting another car today. Even if you have bad credit you can still make it happen.



Is There Really Such A Thing As A 100% Acceptance Rate For Auto Loans?

How do you feel when you are thinking about applying for a loan? The chances are you will probably feel nervous and unsure of what the potential result could be. If you've got good credit you will probably be fairly sure of acceptance before you even apply. But what if your credit score has taken a battering in recent months? Would you still be so sure of being accepted for the auto loan you desperately need?

This is where it pays to take a step back and think about your situation before you apply for anything. You'll no doubt be attracted by the lowest rates for auto loans that are advertised over and over again. But these rates are generally only available to those who have great credit scores. If yours doesn't match up you'll probably be rejected ' but the application will still be recorded on your credit history.

So we can see that completing the right application is enormously important ' especially if your credit record isn't that great. If only you could be guaranteed acceptance. Wouldn't that solve all your problems?

It certainly would ' and luckily if you pick Next Auto Approval you are in luck. Not only do we have a very high acceptance rate, we know we can get you the best rates possible in your area. We know that not everyone has a spotless credit history and we aim to help those who still need to get a car loan.

Now you're probably wondering whether bankruptcy would count you out. After all that's a fairly serious situation to be in. The truth is that if you go with Next Auto Approval you'll have little to worry about. We focus on offering a wide range of products to all of our customers. We will find the right product for the right person in each case, and it's this service that leads to the 98% acceptance rate we advertised.

Provided you read through our conditions and you can tick all the boxes in the right places, you'll be approved for the auto loan you are looking for. This will put you within reach of the car you really need.

So don't doubt your ability to get an auto loan. It could be a lot easier to arrange than you think.

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