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Is There Really Such A Thing As A 100% Acceptance Rate For Auto Loans?

How do you feel when you are thinking about applying for a loan? The chances are you will probably feel nervous and unsure of what the potential result could be. If youíve got good credit you will probably be fairly sure of acceptance before you even apply. But what if your credit score has taken a battering in recent months? Would you still be so sure of being accepted for the auto loan you desperately need?

This is where it pays to take a step back and think about your situation before you apply for anything. Youíll no doubt be attracted by the lowest rates for auto loans that are advertised over and over again. But these rates are generally only available to those who have great credit scores. If yours doesnít match up youíll probably be rejected Ė but the application will still be recorded on your credit history.

So we can see that completing the right application is enormously important Ė especially if your credit record isnít that great. If only you could be guaranteed acceptance. Wouldnít that solve all your problems?

It certainly would Ė and luckily if you pick the right company to go with youíll get that guarantee up front. 100% acceptance deals are offered by companies that deal with people who have a bad credit history of some kind. They know that not everyone has a spotless credit history and they aim to help those people who still need to get a car loan.

Now youíre probably wondering whether bankruptcy would count you out. After all thatís a fairly serious situation to be in. The truth is that if you go with a company advertising a 100% acceptance rate youíll have little to worry about. These companies focus on offering a wide range of products to all their customers. They may well cater to customers who have good credit records but there will also be people who arenít in such a good position. But the company will find the right product for the right person in each case, and itís this service that leads to the 100% acceptance rate youíll see advertised.

Youíll probably see a small list of requirements that the company will need to see from you once you choose the loan you want. If you donít meet those requirements you will need to wait until you can. For instance no one will lend money to you if you canít show that you arenít earning a certain minimum amount each month. This applies regardless of how good or bad your credit history is.

But provided you read through those conditions and you can tick all the boxes in the right places, youíll be approved for the auto loan you are looking for. This will put you within reach of the car you really need.

So donít doubt your ability to get a car finance loan. It could be a lot easier to arrange than you think.


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