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2004 Ford Explorer Review


I purchased my 2004 Ford Explorer brand new. Having owned it for four years allows me a great deal to convey regarding it. I chose the Ford Explorer due to the fact I desired an SUV which includes third row seating as well as the fact that the Ford Explorer had been the most beneficial valued vehicle available in which matched my personal requirements.

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The sole issue which I’ve actually experienced within the new Ford Explorer while using it happens to be regarding the transmission. Fortunately it’s still with has an unexpired warranty and so they repaired it for me this past year. The fixed tranny however, currently happens to be sliding once more. Luckily once again, it continues to still have the warranty and so I’ll be aquiring a fresh one as soon as I get the chance to bring it in for maintenence. I’ve received virtually no additional technical difficulties with it, besides the transmission problem though.

2004 Ford Explorer

2004 Ford Explorer

My own personal 2004 Ford Explorer contains the typical V6 and possesses an abundance of vigor and vivacity. It’s going to wake up and head out effortlessly fast whenever you need. I have been extremely delighted utilizing it’s power and by no means am I disappointed not obtaining the V8. The steering as well as handling is amazingly pleasant, particularly sleek as well as firm. I’ve definitely been fairly astounded pertaining to the Ford Explorer u-turn functionality. You would probably need to ride in it and experience it for yourself to completely understand and trust what I’m telling you. It can genuinely corner with ease. It’s able to accomplish a u-turn within the limited or restricted of areas… superior to practically every single compact vehicle I have ever operated.

I now have concluded that despite the fact that I believed the third row had been crucial to me, however, it really isn’t. Currently, now I own and incorporated two child seats within, and you know what? Having child seats mounted upon each end, the third row becomes entirely unattainable. You’d actually be required to unmount one of the child seats so that you’d be able to elevate the seat just to be able to reach and get into the third row.

I have also been fairly amazed considering the fuel consumption rate with the Ford Explorer. With 80, 000 mi. along with an SUV, I continue to receive more than 17mpg within the city.

The space within the interior is extraordinary. The rear seating space is absolutely wonderful and far superior compared to virtually any SUV I have previously ever been within. As big as my two child seats are, there still exists an abundance of space for anyone to nonetheless be seated in the center of them.

One of the best reasons for having my personal version of 2004 Ford Explorer stands out as the rubberized bumpers. There isn’t any car paint or clear coat to make sure they are extremely difficult to destroy or impair. You are able to hold a shopping cart right on the bumper and never have to be concerned with any scratches or anything of the like.

A single thing I can’t stand about this vehicle is the ground air vents. When the air is actually on, it flows out of the ground vents regardless of what setting you’ve got it on. It isn’t maximum pressure however it is a sufficient amount to make you go nuts occasionally.

Ultimately, I adored driving the 2004 Ford Explorer. It had been truly exciting to drive devoid of the sensation of being inside a large boat. Ford in addition have produced several substantial enhancements within the last couple years. Be cautious about the gas efficiency however. But aside from that, I have definitely been completely satisfied with my vehicle yet really disenchanted considering the price. I suppose in the event you invest in a used Ford Explorer rather than fresh one, you may not encounter this type of issue, however I would still certainly be mindful. In the end though, the 2004 Ford Explorer is absolutely an amazing SUV.

2004 Ford Escape Review


I purchased my 2004 Ford Escape soon after investigating as well as test driving several various compact SUV’s. I was ready for a vehicle that had an ample amount of cargo room, 4WD, comparatively excellent with fuel consumption, as well as some respectably nice design… all for under $25, 000.

Therefore I proceeded to go and test drive the intriguing 2004 Ford Escape.

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Motor / Handling / Performance:

The initial thing I observed had been how the handling with the Ford Escape is utterly amazing. This particular vehicle isn’t going to handle anything close to a typical SUV. You truly sense the great feeling it provides, as well as the fact that the response to steering wheel circulation and mobility tend to react securely and quite properly firm, gripping the concrete solidly with confidence. This is exactly an element that I had been especially opting for since I have tirelessly had been used to operating a compact vehicle, which I couldn’t wait to change and feel it within my new prospective vehicle’s performance and handling. Various alternative SUV’s I previously tried out definitely seemed more unfastened or wobbly within the steering wheel’s turn radius and reaction from movement. The strength and capability of the motor has also been unexpectedly astonishing for any modest compact SUV (3. 0 liter Duratec which features 200 horsepower), mainly since it accelerated pretty swiftly when switching lanes as well as possessing a genuine surprising boost from an idling launch. Apart from that, every one of the interior settings and adjustments with the Ford Escape were definitely within arms reach and also obtained a generally beneficially superior ergonomic layout and style.

2004 Ford Escape

2004 Ford Escape


The 2004 Ford Escape absolutely possessed the appearance I had been searching for as well, appearing considerably more significant and substantial compared to the rivals within this class, particularly the Honda CRV and Pilot, Jeep’s Liberty, and the Toyota RAV4. This vehicle can truly be revealed as a much more sportive SUV, rather than the soccer parents’, food store traveller stigma. The Ford Escape additionally appears slightly larger than it’s equivalent class opponents.


I hadn’t been especially astounded considering the interior belonging to the test vehicle I rode in. It possessed an incredibly basic and economical vinyl appearance to it. Which thus, this impression had been a genuine turnoff in fact. After I requested to check out the best version they kept around the dealership though, I had been instantly incredibly amazed with the appearance with the alternative leather option provided within this certain Ford Escape. Black and gray leather chairs, leather covered steering wheel, dark vinyl dashboard, pewter gray control console. Truly elegant as well as lustrously smooth looking!

The 2004 Ford Escape that finally ended up being chosen:

a black 2004 Ford Escape XLT 4×4
- Automatic transmission
- 3. 0L V6 motor that incorporates 200 horsepower
- Leather option throughout
- Power sunroof with sun shade as well as mini-overhead console
- 16″ alloys
- Mach audio/stereo system with six-disc in-dash CD player along with seven speakers
- Side step bars
- Retractable cover for the cargo area
- Heated side view mirrors
- Convenience package (anti-theft, ground mats, cruise control)

The MSRP had been a little more than $27, 000. But I was able to negotiate the salesman down to below $25, 000 and after which procured the $2000 money back option they had been supplying, with a total ending cost of approximately $23, 000. Fairly decent price… at least I believed.

Consequently, now I have been a proud owner of a 2004 Ford Escape for the past couple months and I drive quite a great deal. Listed below are my personal opinions at this point:


- Drives beautifully!
- Plenty of power
- 4WD rocks!
- An abundance of cargo room
- Excellent appearance
- Leather option is definitely a critical must-have
- Seems as though it’s an organic extension of myself whilst cruising
- Audio system is great


- Fuel consumption rate is actually a total lie. I truly do plenty of freeway cruising and also I have merely received 19mpg upon my finest drive thus far. Which is an entire 6mpg beneath the stated mileage. I’d have been completely content with 22mpg… this can be a genuine letdown.
- The volume of the reservoir is actually disappointing consequently. I must refill following each individual 250 mi. travelling.
- Too much noise and sound disturbance upon the freeway. I simply raise the volume on the music system to make up for it, which can be more than sufficient, if you don’t mind it.


In general, I’d personally suggest you go and at a minimum, check out and take a gander at a 2004 Ford Escape should you be considering a compact SUV. Benefit yourself and try out one of the better, higher class models around the lot along with leather, the favorable audio system, sunroof, and so on. The Ford Escape‘s handling and performance alone should win you over. Add the leather interior option to that as well as some other wonderful features and options, and you’ve got one amazing modest SUV. The sole unsurpassable disadvantage and letdown was it’s fuel consumption rate. However I have learned that they may be developing a Hybrid option the following year. I’m going to be primed for it when it does…

2004 Chrysler Pacifica Review


I acquired a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica intended for my spouse once we had been searching for 3rd row seats as well as the adaptability of a minivan, devoid of the minivan’s disgraceful reputation, as well as the fact that we under no circumstances go offroading or amongst terrain of that nature. Therefore I suspect you might potentially point out we ended up being the precise prospective target consumer for this particular class of crossover automobile.

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Precisely what the folks from Chrysler attempted to accomplish, they performed extraordinarily well, that happened to be establiish and produce a vehicle which delivers large magnitude of room yet handles and possesses the same visual appeal of a car. Even though the handling is actually far from that of a sedan’s, it truly is multiple classes superior to the majority of SUV’s along with minivans. We both adore the design and style the Chrysler Pacifica provides and visually attracts – we receive numerous words of flattery as well as inquiries about the vehicle.

2004 Chrysler Pacifica

2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Well, initially, the disadvantages of the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica, both equally that I had been conscious of previous to acquiring the car: the fuel consumption rate happens to be really dreadful. We’re alright using it within city usage capacity ( that still can often be inadequate or lousy ) however the freeway fuel consumption rate being 19mpg is incredibly horrible. Another negative aspect is that it can be difficult helping to position multiple infant chairs within this vehicle, since positioning the two of these inside the 2nd row enable it to be unattainable to get into the 3rd row apart from clambering up the rear amongst the 2nd row chairs above the middle console. I have heard the rumor that Chrysler is possibly launching and releasing a version which includes a bench chair within the rear, despite the fact that I haven’t determined yet with certainty if there is going to nevertheless be a 3rd row of chairs or not.

The advantages are generally guided with the Chrysler Pacifica‘s visual appeal, the beautifully high caliber of the interior (leather produces a massive impact), that happens to be unquestionably the highest quality American interior I’ve actually ever witnessed, along with flexibility, as well as adaptability, and also the accommodating features found all through the entire vehicle.

Visual Presence:

I believe the Chrysler Pacifica absolutely struck gold with their design, regardless of whether revenue data indicates it or not. This vehicle is smooth and slick and also conceals it’s proportions effectively. We tend to acquire a great deal of kind comments and questions about the vehicle.


The leather is definitely of perfect top quality texture, the chairs happen to be wonderfully comfortable, along with the innovatively designed dashboard.


The Chrysler Pacifica manages to sacrifice a modest bit of room because of it’s design, that shifts the roof lower somewhat; despite this, it regardless is truly chasmal, specifically when every row is collapsed level and smooth. The 3rd row divides, which actually can be massive since the 3rd row does consume just about the majority of all the rear cargo room.


The radio/seating/mirrors memory storage function tunes towards your personal positioning or arrangements as soon as you push the “unlock” switch on your key console. This is certainly an extremely awesome feature and eradicates the necessity to pull the chair back, and so forth, whenever I enter the vehicle. The NAV system is fantastic, positioned within the gauge section is often a benefit. The DVD system is also wonderful. The power liftgate is definitely an elegant addition as well. It’s actually a neat little performance while it automatically slides vertically and back in. Lastly, probably the most commodious characteristic may be the variable pedals, of which my wife adores due to her size. I prefer it as well since I can’t stand her cruising too close towards the steering wheel (where the airbag is kept, which is the reason I’m uncomfortable when she does so).


Chrysler manufactured an excellent vehicle with the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. The issue is they’ve already advertised it inadequately. This truly can be a innovative and cutting edge crossover vehicle and really chould have been on the cover of numerous automotive publications, however their own public relations team had to have been sleeping during the sessions of marketing planning, after the Chrysler Pacifica was developed. I am unable to actually obtain published details. I received a correspondence through Chrysler stating they’re actually “out of stock. ” Personally I think they ought to have launched or released a basic standard version using the V6 along with bench seating priced around $25, 000 or less to contend with minivans as well as, after which, a V8 model aided by all the awesome included features to tackle the SUV market. Bottomline, the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica is underappreciated, and is really an outstanding and astonishing sleeper innovative hit, once the masses wake up from the fog of the normal SUV/minivan industry additions of the year.

2004 Cadillac CTS Review


I have recently become an excitedly honored and proud 2004 Cadillac CTS driver since it was released. The afternoon I witnessed it rotating around the podium inside the Detroit Concept Car event, I I confidently realized I needed to own it. The Cadillac Catera, although still a nice vehicle, had ended up being a real letdown. The Cadillac CTS seems to be an outstandingly true alternative to what may possibly have been the greatest waste within Cadillac’s heritage, with what they created in the Catera.

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I was raised to adore the automotive world through my father and his passion for them and I truly shared that passion. And Cadillac had certainly been one of my favorite companies of them all. And so, due to these facts, the Cadillac CTS had been insanely substantial in my mind to the point of not being able to stop thinking about it – the sleek physique, the freshly engineered 3. 6L motor which was stock in every 2004 six-Cylinder versions.

2004 Cadillac CTS

2004 Cadillac CTS

And so I jumped at the first chance I could. I visited the local Cadillac dealership, and advised them I desired a Cadillac CTS, and I was not going away until I finally obtained the one I was looking for. Subsequent to approximately three nights of deciding and negotiating, I found the one I wanted and purchased it. Charcoal, 2-toned sport leather, XM satellite radio, OnStar prepared, 3. 6L motor, around 260 horsepower, sport shifter outfitted, as well as power everything.

I opted for the Cadillac CTS not only for my love and craving desire for the vehicle, but also due to the fact that my father is a mechanic for the Cadillac dealership I bought mine from. He has been an auto technician for a majority of my life. He is without a doubt, my idol, when it comes to automobiles, in my opinion, so once he informed me about the fact that the Cadillac CTS had been really well worth the value and cost of the vehicle, And so I needed to take a look at it, and became engrossed in doing so. Everything that I discovered appeared to end up being an incredible vehicle that promises and provides high class extravagance, truly stunningly innovative style, as well as plenty of sportive accents to produce an incredibly unique sensation of driving within an elegantly lavish performance vehicle.

It offers a lot of impact with a tremendously hefty six cylinder (it happens to be in excess of 3, 500 pounds). Now i am typically the initial person to take off from a stop light, when I used to have trouble doing so in past vehicles, even though I naturally had an instinct to try to do so.

There is certainly an abundance of space within the front and rear seating areas. Approximately forty cubic feet pertaining to headspace within the front and rear. Around the same with regard to your legs as well as knees and feet within the front and rear also, which is really wonderful. This means that it basically really isn’t going to matter how large you or your friend might possibly be, you are still going to be able to acquire a relaxing position for any drive inside a Cadillac CTS. And also, with the Cadillac CTS seats which have settings that modify seven diverse options, and as a result of the numerous methods for you to adapt and fine-tune the chair, it produces an extremely pleasant experience.

The Cadillac CTS‘s appearance is visually appealing and distinct, as well as the fact that it’s not so terrible on fuel efficiency either. With fuel costs rising, gas economy ought to be an issue that everyone should take into account while investing in an automobile. I ‘ve generally estimatingly calculated that we receive approximately 26 – 28mpg within the city and also nearer to 30mpg upon the freeway. Surprisingly reassuring and pretty great for a six cylinder, despite the fact that the technical specifications within the vehicle’s owners guide will declare you are only going to acquire 26mpg on the freeway, which is apparently false.

The sole aspect which I believe Cadillac may have overlooked on appeared to be the actual glove compartment. There is certainly an abundance of space just about everywhere else in the vehicle, however it seemed much like the glove compartment had been an subsequent notion after already developing the rest of the vehicle… like they forgot to put it in until the end. I question it you can actually fit much within it – I believe I have the manual in which was included with the vehicle as well as a handful of tissues and paper towels, and that’s pretty much all I can actually fit inside of it. However, when you look at the bigger picture of it all, it really isn’t a dire issue when the rest of the car is so incredible.

My personal knowledge and wisdom I now have obtained with my 2004 Cadillac CTS has basically been unspeakably remarkable and stunning. I am as a result, I am so excessively proud of my new vehicle and astoundedly satisfied with it, that after my lease is expired, I will probably just buy it outright so I can own it forever. Or perhaps, purchase a larger, more superior Cadillac STS. Regardless, for anyone which happen to be playing with the concept of becoming a Cadillac CTS owner, quit contemplating it and hesitating and just venture out to your closest Cadillac dealer and purchase the final vehicle you are ever going to need or even want to drive. Congratulations Cadillac, for being the automotive architectural geniuses that had the magical ability to produce and manufacture the most beautiful and exquisitely perfect vehicle I have ever driven in my entire life… and I am only inspired to watch and see what they come up with next.

2004 BMW X5 Review


My family had been on the search for a new vehicle recently. My wife happened to always desire the BMW X5 and I retaliated with the idea, stating the arguments that it had not truly been a truck, didn’t have sufficient proportional capacity for it’s class, and so on.

However following a variety of test drives, I reached the understanding that it really wasn’t designed to be a truck. It was intended to be a car-like SUV along with some additional room as well as adaptability.

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To begin with, the BMW X5 rides excellently. You are unable to even recognize you happen to be operating a truck-like utility vehicle. Subsequently, we now own the three liter, 6-cylinder and there is definitely more than sufficient and ample power. The 6 speed tranny assists in transfering the strength. On the subject of the 6 speed, it shifts so effortlessly that my latest test drive prior to trying out this vehicle within a Lincoln LS, that I thought I considered pretty sleek and gentle, made me alternatively sense that I was able to actually feel each and every single shift. Basically, it shifts like a spoon through smooth pudding; flawlessly. Furthermore, an adjustment of the shift lever and you’re put into sport mode, that accelerates shifts. My sole grievance with the BMW X5 is that anytime you shift manually, you are unable to enter into sport mode free of returning into normal mode and after that returning to sport. A small modest annoyance.

2004 BMW X5

2004 BMW X5

The BMW X5 offers a great deal of space with the front 2 passengers as well as satisfactory rear seating space. The cargo area within the rear is restricted due to the rounded reduced back roof and window. The 2004 BMW X5 requires at a minimum, the equivalent proportions within my garage as a Nissan Pathfinder, however provides a bit more than half the cargo room.

There are numerous attributes which happen to be just excellent. The signals that direct where you are heading as well as the phone/radio/computer settings and consoles.

The Premium package incorporates the panoramic sunroof. It truly makes it seem similar to what you might call a convertible SUV! You are able to moderately move back both the inner cover and roof. Each of the two, the cover and also the roof, are about five feet in length, providing a tremendous opening. And while you push vent, the interior section divides conveniently in order to allow air to flow through.

The BMW X5 features an amazing feeling with it, the steering, strength dispersal, handling, braking and also the interior which will make you truly sense the quality. It simply forces you to desire to drive it. And personally, I find myself sensing everything moving as smooth as velvet. I believe the BMW X5 as well as the 7 series BMW’s, that happen to be really comparable, are definitely classified, in my eyes, as the 2 finest interiors next to the zenith of quality seen in the most expensive of luxury, exotic vehicles. A modest personal issue – is there a reason why BMW might construct the steering wheel crossbeams divided right in the center, therefore you end up feeling such separation any time you come in contact with them? You most likely touch them as frequently as anything apart from the wheel itself.

The fuel consumption rate could possibly be improved, however, on the other hand, it can definitely be worse. We have gauged at approximately 18mpg on average. The 25 gallon reservoir allows the vehicle fantastic range, yet once you eventually do end up going for a refill, it can be value of a large or decently costly dinner or 2.

The setting adjustments are very simple and self-explanatory as well as the systems, stereo, temperature control and more as truly being fantastic. The back vent actually allows you to modify higher or lower several degrees from the front. The BMW X5 includes a one section which may tune through between the computer, phone as well as stereo.

Also, bear in mind that the BMW X5 may actually be the broadest vehicle ever produced commercially. The side mirrors hardly fit through the doors on my garage at home. I’m sincere when I say hardly. Put money into obtaining the collapsable mirrors should you be planning to keep your BMW X5 inside your garage at home, unless you have an enormous garage.

In conclusion, the 2004 BMW X5 is an amazing vehicle and I can genuinely recommend this beautiful SUV, despite it’s undoubtedly minor flaws, to anyone searching for an incredible luxury performance-envisioned SUV, that isn’t desiring a lavish rugged racer, but a stunning high class household family vehicle.

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