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2004 Cadillac CTS Review


I have recently become an excitedly honored and proud 2004 Cadillac CTS driver since it was released. The afternoon I witnessed it rotating around the podium inside the Detroit Concept Car event, I I confidently realized I needed to own it. The Cadillac Catera, although still a nice vehicle, had ended up being a real letdown. The Cadillac CTS seems to be an outstandingly true alternative to what may possibly have been the greatest waste within Cadillac’s heritage, with what they created in the Catera.

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I was raised to adore the automotive world through my father and his passion for them and I truly shared that passion. And Cadillac had certainly been one of my favorite companies of them all. And so, due to these facts, the Cadillac CTS had been insanely substantial in my mind to the point of not being able to stop thinking about it – the sleek physique, the freshly engineered 3. 6L motor which was stock in every 2004 six-Cylinder versions.

2004 Cadillac CTS

2004 Cadillac CTS

And so I jumped at the first chance I could. I visited the local Cadillac dealership, and advised them I desired a Cadillac CTS, and I was not going away until I finally obtained the one I was looking for. Subsequent to approximately three nights of deciding and negotiating, I found the one I wanted and purchased it. Charcoal, 2-toned sport leather, XM satellite radio, OnStar prepared, 3. 6L motor, around 260 horsepower, sport shifter outfitted, as well as power everything.

I opted for the Cadillac CTS not only for my love and craving desire for the vehicle, but also due to the fact that my father is a mechanic for the Cadillac dealership I bought mine from. He has been an auto technician for a majority of my life. He is without a doubt, my idol, when it comes to automobiles, in my opinion, so once he informed me about the fact that the Cadillac CTS had been really well worth the value and cost of the vehicle, And so I needed to take a look at it, and became engrossed in doing so. Everything that I discovered appeared to end up being an incredible vehicle that promises and provides high class extravagance, truly stunningly innovative style, as well as plenty of sportive accents to produce an incredibly unique sensation of driving within an elegantly lavish performance vehicle.

It offers a lot of impact with a tremendously hefty six cylinder (it happens to be in excess of 3, 500 pounds). Now i am typically the initial person to take off from a stop light, when I used to have trouble doing so in past vehicles, even though I naturally had an instinct to try to do so.

There is certainly an abundance of space within the front and rear seating areas. Approximately forty cubic feet pertaining to headspace within the front and rear. Around the same with regard to your legs as well as knees and feet within the front and rear also, which is really wonderful. This means that it basically really isn’t going to matter how large you or your friend might possibly be, you are still going to be able to acquire a relaxing position for any drive inside a Cadillac CTS. And also, with the Cadillac CTS seats which have settings that modify seven diverse options, and as a result of the numerous methods for you to adapt and fine-tune the chair, it produces an extremely pleasant experience.

The Cadillac CTS‘s appearance is visually appealing and distinct, as well as the fact that it’s not so terrible on fuel efficiency either. With fuel costs rising, gas economy ought to be an issue that everyone should take into account while investing in an automobile. I ‘ve generally estimatingly calculated that we receive approximately 26 – 28mpg within the city and also nearer to 30mpg upon the freeway. Surprisingly reassuring and pretty great for a six cylinder, despite the fact that the technical specifications within the vehicle’s owners guide will declare you are only going to acquire 26mpg on the freeway, which is apparently false.

The sole aspect which I believe Cadillac may have overlooked on appeared to be the actual glove compartment. There is certainly an abundance of space just about everywhere else in the vehicle, however it seemed much like the glove compartment had been an subsequent notion after already developing the rest of the vehicle… like they forgot to put it in until the end. I question it you can actually fit much within it – I believe I have the manual in which was included with the vehicle as well as a handful of tissues and paper towels, and that’s pretty much all I can actually fit inside of it. However, when you look at the bigger picture of it all, it really isn’t a dire issue when the rest of the car is so incredible.

My personal knowledge and wisdom I now have obtained with my 2004 Cadillac CTS has basically been unspeakably remarkable and stunning. I am as a result, I am so excessively proud of my new vehicle and astoundedly satisfied with it, that after my lease is expired, I will probably just buy it outright so I can own it forever. Or perhaps, purchase a larger, more superior Cadillac STS. Regardless, for anyone which happen to be playing with the concept of becoming a Cadillac CTS owner, quit contemplating it and hesitating and just venture out to your closest Cadillac dealer and purchase the final vehicle you are ever going to need or even want to drive. Congratulations Cadillac, for being the automotive architectural geniuses that had the magical ability to produce and manufacture the most beautiful and exquisitely perfect vehicle I have ever driven in my entire life… and I am only inspired to watch and see what they come up with next.


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