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2004 Chrysler Pacifica Review


I acquired a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica intended for my spouse once we had been searching for 3rd row seats as well as the adaptability of a minivan, devoid of the minivan’s disgraceful reputation, as well as the fact that we under no circumstances go offroading or amongst terrain of that nature. Therefore I suspect you might potentially point out we ended up being the precise prospective target consumer for this particular class of crossover automobile.

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Precisely what the folks from Chrysler attempted to accomplish, they performed extraordinarily well, that happened to be establiish and produce a vehicle which delivers large magnitude of room yet handles and possesses the same visual appeal of a car. Even though the handling is actually far from that of a sedan’s, it truly is multiple classes superior to the majority of SUV’s along with minivans. We both adore the design and style the Chrysler Pacifica provides and visually attracts – we receive numerous words of flattery as well as inquiries about the vehicle.

2004 Chrysler Pacifica

2004 Chrysler Pacifica

Well, initially, the disadvantages of the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica, both equally that I had been conscious of previous to acquiring the car: the fuel consumption rate happens to be really dreadful. We’re alright using it within city usage capacity ( that still can often be inadequate or lousy ) however the freeway fuel consumption rate being 19mpg is incredibly horrible. Another negative aspect is that it can be difficult helping to position multiple infant chairs within this vehicle, since positioning the two of these inside the 2nd row enable it to be unattainable to get into the 3rd row apart from clambering up the rear amongst the 2nd row chairs above the middle console. I have heard the rumor that Chrysler is possibly launching and releasing a version which includes a bench chair within the rear, despite the fact that I haven’t determined yet with certainty if there is going to nevertheless be a 3rd row of chairs or not.

The advantages are generally guided with the Chrysler Pacifica‘s visual appeal, the beautifully high caliber of the interior (leather produces a massive impact), that happens to be unquestionably the highest quality American interior I’ve actually ever witnessed, along with flexibility, as well as adaptability, and also the accommodating features found all through the entire vehicle.

Visual Presence:

I believe the Chrysler Pacifica absolutely struck gold with their design, regardless of whether revenue data indicates it or not. This vehicle is smooth and slick and also conceals it’s proportions effectively. We tend to acquire a great deal of kind comments and questions about the vehicle.


The leather is definitely of perfect top quality texture, the chairs happen to be wonderfully comfortable, along with the innovatively designed dashboard.


The Chrysler Pacifica manages to sacrifice a modest bit of room because of it’s design, that shifts the roof lower somewhat; despite this, it regardless is truly chasmal, specifically when every row is collapsed level and smooth. The 3rd row divides, which actually can be massive since the 3rd row does consume just about the majority of all the rear cargo room.


The radio/seating/mirrors memory storage function tunes towards your personal positioning or arrangements as soon as you push the “unlock” switch on your key console. This is certainly an extremely awesome feature and eradicates the necessity to pull the chair back, and so forth, whenever I enter the vehicle. The NAV system is fantastic, positioned within the gauge section is often a benefit. The DVD system is also wonderful. The power liftgate is definitely an elegant addition as well. It’s actually a neat little performance while it automatically slides vertically and back in. Lastly, probably the most commodious characteristic may be the variable pedals, of which my wife adores due to her size. I prefer it as well since I can’t stand her cruising too close towards the steering wheel (where the airbag is kept, which is the reason I’m uncomfortable when she does so).


Chrysler manufactured an excellent vehicle with the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. The issue is they’ve already advertised it inadequately. This truly can be a innovative and cutting edge crossover vehicle and really chould have been on the cover of numerous automotive publications, however their own public relations team had to have been sleeping during the sessions of marketing planning, after the Chrysler Pacifica was developed. I am unable to actually obtain published details. I received a correspondence through Chrysler stating they’re actually “out of stock. ” Personally I think they ought to have launched or released a basic standard version using the V6 along with bench seating priced around $25, 000 or less to contend with minivans as well as, after which, a V8 model aided by all the awesome included features to tackle the SUV market. Bottomline, the 2004 Chrysler Pacifica is underappreciated, and is really an outstanding and astonishing sleeper innovative hit, once the masses wake up from the fog of the normal SUV/minivan industry additions of the year.


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