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2004 Ford Escape Review


I purchased my 2004 Ford Escape soon after investigating as well as test driving several various compact SUV’s. I was ready for a vehicle that had an ample amount of cargo room, 4WD, comparatively excellent with fuel consumption, as well as some respectably nice design… all for under $25, 000.

Therefore I proceeded to go and test drive the intriguing 2004 Ford Escape.

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Motor / Handling / Performance:

The initial thing I observed had been how the handling with the Ford Escape is utterly amazing. This particular vehicle isn’t going to handle anything close to a typical SUV. You truly sense the great feeling it provides, as well as the fact that the response to steering wheel circulation and mobility tend to react securely and quite properly firm, gripping the concrete solidly with confidence. This is exactly an element that I had been especially opting for since I have tirelessly had been used to operating a compact vehicle, which I couldn’t wait to change and feel it within my new prospective vehicle’s performance and handling. Various alternative SUV’s I previously tried out definitely seemed more unfastened or wobbly within the steering wheel’s turn radius and reaction from movement. The strength and capability of the motor has also been unexpectedly astonishing for any modest compact SUV (3. 0 liter Duratec which features 200 horsepower), mainly since it accelerated pretty swiftly when switching lanes as well as possessing a genuine surprising boost from an idling launch. Apart from that, every one of the interior settings and adjustments with the Ford Escape were definitely within arms reach and also obtained a generally beneficially superior ergonomic layout and style.

2004 Ford Escape

2004 Ford Escape


The 2004 Ford Escape absolutely possessed the appearance I had been searching for as well, appearing considerably more significant and substantial compared to the rivals within this class, particularly the Honda CRV and Pilot, Jeep’s Liberty, and the Toyota RAV4. This vehicle can truly be revealed as a much more sportive SUV, rather than the soccer parents’, food store traveller stigma. The Ford Escape additionally appears slightly larger than it’s equivalent class opponents.


I hadn’t been especially astounded considering the interior belonging to the test vehicle I rode in. It possessed an incredibly basic and economical vinyl appearance to it. Which thus, this impression had been a genuine turnoff in fact. After I requested to check out the best version they kept around the dealership though, I had been instantly incredibly amazed with the appearance with the alternative leather option provided within this certain Ford Escape. Black and gray leather chairs, leather covered steering wheel, dark vinyl dashboard, pewter gray control console. Truly elegant as well as lustrously smooth looking!

The 2004 Ford Escape that finally ended up being chosen:

a black 2004 Ford Escape XLT 4×4
- Automatic transmission
- 3. 0L V6 motor that incorporates 200 horsepower
- Leather option throughout
- Power sunroof with sun shade as well as mini-overhead console
- 16″ alloys
- Mach audio/stereo system with six-disc in-dash CD player along with seven speakers
- Side step bars
- Retractable cover for the cargo area
- Heated side view mirrors
- Convenience package (anti-theft, ground mats, cruise control)

The MSRP had been a little more than $27, 000. But I was able to negotiate the salesman down to below $25, 000 and after which procured the $2000 money back option they had been supplying, with a total ending cost of approximately $23, 000. Fairly decent price… at least I believed.

Consequently, now I have been a proud owner of a 2004 Ford Escape for the past couple months and I drive quite a great deal. Listed below are my personal opinions at this point:


- Drives beautifully!
- Plenty of power
- 4WD rocks!
- An abundance of cargo room
- Excellent appearance
- Leather option is definitely a critical must-have
- Seems as though it’s an organic extension of myself whilst cruising
- Audio system is great


- Fuel consumption rate is actually a total lie. I truly do plenty of freeway cruising and also I have merely received 19mpg upon my finest drive thus far. Which is an entire 6mpg beneath the stated mileage. I’d have been completely content with 22mpg… this can be a genuine letdown.
- The volume of the reservoir is actually disappointing consequently. I must refill following each individual 250 mi. travelling.
- Too much noise and sound disturbance upon the freeway. I simply raise the volume on the music system to make up for it, which can be more than sufficient, if you don’t mind it.


In general, I’d personally suggest you go and at a minimum, check out and take a gander at a 2004 Ford Escape should you be considering a compact SUV. Benefit yourself and try out one of the better, higher class models around the lot along with leather, the favorable audio system, sunroof, and so on. The Ford Escape‘s handling and performance alone should win you over. Add the leather interior option to that as well as some other wonderful features and options, and you’ve got one amazing modest SUV. The sole unsurpassable disadvantage and letdown was it’s fuel consumption rate. However I have learned that they may be developing a Hybrid option the following year. I’m going to be primed for it when it does…


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