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2004 Ford Explorer Review


I purchased my 2004 Ford Explorer brand new. Having owned it for four years allows me a great deal to convey regarding it. I chose the Ford Explorer due to the fact I desired an SUV which includes third row seating as well as the fact that the Ford Explorer had been the most beneficial valued vehicle available in which matched my personal requirements.

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The sole issue which I’ve actually experienced within the new Ford Explorer while using it happens to be regarding the transmission. Fortunately it’s still with has an unexpired warranty and so they repaired it for me this past year. The fixed tranny however, currently happens to be sliding once more. Luckily once again, it continues to still have the warranty and so I’ll be aquiring a fresh one as soon as I get the chance to bring it in for maintenence. I’ve received virtually no additional technical difficulties with it, besides the transmission problem though.

2004 Ford Explorer

2004 Ford Explorer

My own personal 2004 Ford Explorer contains the typical V6 and possesses an abundance of vigor and vivacity. It’s going to wake up and head out effortlessly fast whenever you need. I have been extremely delighted utilizing it’s power and by no means am I disappointed not obtaining the V8. The steering as well as handling is amazingly pleasant, particularly sleek as well as firm. I’ve definitely been fairly astounded pertaining to the Ford Explorer u-turn functionality. You would probably need to ride in it and experience it for yourself to completely understand and trust what I’m telling you. It can genuinely corner with ease. It’s able to accomplish a u-turn within the limited or restricted of areas… superior to practically every single compact vehicle I have ever operated.

I now have concluded that despite the fact that I believed the third row had been crucial to me, however, it really isn’t. Currently, now I own and incorporated two child seats within, and you know what? Having child seats mounted upon each end, the third row becomes entirely unattainable. You’d actually be required to unmount one of the child seats so that you’d be able to elevate the seat just to be able to reach and get into the third row.

I have also been fairly amazed considering the fuel consumption rate with the Ford Explorer. With 80, 000 mi. along with an SUV, I continue to receive more than 17mpg within the city.

The space within the interior is extraordinary. The rear seating space is absolutely wonderful and far superior compared to virtually any SUV I have previously ever been within. As big as my two child seats are, there still exists an abundance of space for anyone to nonetheless be seated in the center of them.

One of the best reasons for having my personal version of 2004 Ford Explorer stands out as the rubberized bumpers. There isn’t any car paint or clear coat to make sure they are extremely difficult to destroy or impair. You are able to hold a shopping cart right on the bumper and never have to be concerned with any scratches or anything of the like.

A single thing I can’t stand about this vehicle is the ground air vents. When the air is actually on, it flows out of the ground vents regardless of what setting you’ve got it on. It isn’t maximum pressure however it is a sufficient amount to make you go nuts occasionally.

Ultimately, I adored driving the 2004 Ford Explorer. It had been truly exciting to drive devoid of the sensation of being inside a large boat. Ford in addition have produced several substantial enhancements within the last couple years. Be cautious about the gas efficiency however. But aside from that, I have definitely been completely satisfied with my vehicle yet really disenchanted considering the price. I suppose in the event you invest in a used Ford Explorer rather than fresh one, you may not encounter this type of issue, however I would still certainly be mindful. In the end though, the 2004 Ford Explorer is absolutely an amazing SUV.


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