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2002 Volkswagen Passat Review


My sibling believes the Passat is really a stunning vehicle. Many individuals are in agreement with her. Provided the proper tires (i. e. no hubcaps, please), I do believe it appears decent. But I’ll stop short of labeling it impressive. It’s a reasonably conventional style, designated much like the A6 through taller bodysides. The Audi’s tend to be undoubtedly a great deal more fashionable.

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Designed for the middle of 2001, VW restyled the Volkswagen Passat somewhat. The hood was elevated to produce space for the 270hp 8-cylinder motor that’ll be obtainable in April. Significant amounts of chrome had been included with the exterior to generate a more elegant presence. My biggest gripe considering the restyle entails the actual taillights. Previously dull to some fault, they’re currently excessively hectic and don’t match the design with the entire vehicle for some reason. A small characteristic, however one I never neglect to observe.

2002 Volkswagen Passat

2002 Volkswagen Passat

Many individuals also have raved concerning the Volkswagen Passat interior. VW recently has participated in elegant elements with the interiors of it’s vehicles. I’ll offer that the majority of of the equipment appear a trim over those within various vehicles priced at below $30, 000. Although not all.

The interior’s formidable suit is passenger space and relaxation. The front chairs are casually bolstered; they’re obviously not created for hostile cruising. Every one of the seats tend to be installed higher, supplying for better leg support, even within the back. A great number of sedans possess low-mounted back seats. Not this one. Much like the A6, I really do desire the cowl and beltline had been somewhat reduced. You really feel a little hidden within this vehicle regardless of the high seating placement. The Volkswagen Passat’s trunk area is rather roomy, and also effectively formed. Due to the elevation with the physique, it really is rather deep. The back seat retracts down, an essential for me.

On The Road:

As soon as the vehicle had been driven out from the parking area, I had been permitted to bring the vehicle out alone. The very first thing I did was chirp the wheels. It proved it’s somewhat challenging to shift this kind of vehicle and not chirp the wheels. The clutch employed close to the top of it’s travel, so when it would employ suddenly. Knowing this, you are able to recompense by feathering the clutch system while you approach the point of activation. However it shouldn’t end up being this difficult. I believe all Volkswagen Passat clutches aren’t like this. I’ve discovered how the clutch in the A6 2. 7T (same unit?) differs significantly from vehicle to vehicle. Thus examine your own meticulously prior to getting it shipped.

On a good note, this particular unrefined conduct will enable you to shake essentially the most performance from the motor. It’s truly quick. Of higher significance with regard to daily driving, the Audi V6 tends to make adequate low-end torque, greater than the somewhat more powerful Maxima 6 I drove following it. The 3200 RPM torque peak carries out this effect. At increased RPM this motor is neither as sleek nor as nice-sounding as that within the Maxima. The 90 degree V might have something regarding this; should you need a V, 60 degrees is more preferable having a 6. However it’s still slightly over average within these regions. The engine’s groan can be a gruff tenor, neither excessive nor reduced in tone. With this style it seems similar to a number of other 90 degree 6′s. These types of sounds appear slightly out of place in the more costly A6, yet they’re alright here. Nothing to find your blood cooking, however they do give a feeling of readiness associated with driving this vehicle aggressively, and you won’t need to turn up the music system in order to block them out.

I additionally drove an automatic. The 6 for the Volkswagen Passat, seems substantially less effective with this particular transmission, particularly at reduced speeds. Having said that, the automatic is further consistent with the general family-more-than-sport personality from the vehicle.

The brakes experienced a spongy sense, not necessarily what I’d anticipate within a German vehicle. Within their defense, they performed a decent job decreasing the speed of the vehicle down.

The largest issue performance-wise concerns the actual suspension. Torque drive was noticeable when speeding up in turns, and the suspension wasn’t quite as buttoned-down as I’ve found myself to anticipate in German sedans. Whenever driven in a hostile manner it bobs as well as weaves a little. In turns the Volkswagen Passat leans greater than any sports sedan ought to, most likely credited partly to it’s comparatively high center of gravity. But gentle suspension configurations also contribute. And also the limits, particularly with the 195/65HR15 GLS wheels, tend to be relatively low. I had to take turns a lot slower as compared to using the Maxima. At least the wheels surrender steadily, as well as the chassis continues to be well balanced, creating the notion that the 2002 Volkswagen Passat is quite simple to manage with the restriction. Great feedback with the steering wheel additionally helps.

Regardless of this all, I could understand why many people tend to be attracted to the Volkswagen Passat. With regards to design, general feel, and specifically the really rigid, nearly vault-like physique this is certainly a German vehicle. Some individuals won’t purchase an automobile devoid of these kinds of characteristics. The respect connected with German cars is without a doubt an additional draw. If you’re one such individual, however your finances are restricted and you require a good-sized back seat, the Volkswagen Passat is the most affordable choice by a significant margin.

Last Words:

So, is purchasing a 2002 Volkswagen Passat similar to acquiring an Audi for a reduced amount? Regrettably, in lots of ways it really is. I’ve driven an A6 2. 7T covering the identical streets as the Volkswagen Passat, and its particular suspension was executed in a very similar way. Audi at the very least provides a sport suspension which should assist correcting these types of weak points. This suspension is available in a package with additional boldy bolstered seating. Volkswagen should think about undertaking the same for the Volkswagen Passat. An increasingly sporting interior style wouldn’t harm, either.

Right up until then, this vehicle isn’t really eligible as a sports sedan, at least certainly not within my specifications of one. The suspension is far too gentle, the chairs are too flat, and also the interior style shows that this kind of vehicle isn’t intended for hostile driving.

The 2002 Volkswagen Passat tends to make a superb household sedan, or perhaps an alright entry-level high class sedan (though powertrain as well as chassis refinement ought to be increased for the latter role). Though truly, this sedan, not being sporty, is simply not for me.

2002 Volkswagen Jetta Review


The Jetta’s reputation owes a lot to it’s distinctive exterior design. The 2002 Volkswagen Jetta’s form is curved enough to possess most of the cuteness in which crafted the New Beetle into a success, however blends in just enough edginess avoiding the toy-like quality of the alternative VW. Together with alloy rims, VW’s Jetta carries an elegance about it rendering it a credible compact vehicle regarding an individual who would consider a Honda Civic way too basic level as well as insufficiently grownup. In addition, the Volkswagen Jetta may plausibly be described as a destination car. I could see an individual purchasing this vehicle despite the fact that they are able to spend the money for Passat, as well as an Audi. It virtually suits those more costly vehicles in elegance and quality, while sporting an infinitely more “fun” appearance regarding it. It’s just what the newest Beetle turns into once it matures.

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2002 Volkswagen Jetta

2002 Volkswagen Jetta

There exists one element with the design I don’t prefer. The wheelbase is really limited (four in. smaller as compared to that of a Honda Civic or even Ford Focus which it tosses the ratios a tad off within the back tire. This tire appears like it intrudes too much ahead into the back door. Consequently, the back door cutline simply doesn’t appear right to my own vision. This really is a lot more of an issue for me personally with the basic model’s tire covers given that these lack the capability to distract awareness from exactly what the body does just above them. At the very least I think this can be the reason. Anyway, I don’t detect this aspect practically as much once the Volkswagen Jetta is shod together with alloys.


The interior design is not as much distinctive. It really is rather conventional within the German idiom, without any extravagant figure or eye-catching (or annoying) stylistic highlights. Having said that, this interior, particularly in leather, contains the physical appearance of a German high-end vehicle. It offers this sense by structure. VW’s CEO informed the company’s product enhancement organization to neglect the expense, he individually desired all VW’s to possess top quality interiors, and that’s exactly what they’ve got. They do wind up charging you a great deal more being a result—the 2002 Volkswagen Jetta, however more compact, is thousands higher than a Civic or Focus. Additionally, it weighs numerous lbs. greater than various other compact vehicles. Yet if you prefer a vehicle which feels as though the Jetta does within the driver’s chair, there isn’t any less expensive car around.

One particular area of the high class vehicle factor entails actual wooden sections upon the dashboard as well as doors. Wooden trim arrives stock along with the top-of-the-line GLX, yet isn’t obtainable otherwise. In the event that the wooden accents tends to make the vehicle to suit your needs (and it can for several Jetta buyers) then say hello to the GLX, which inturn arrives solely aided by the 6, leather, power sunroof, power seats…you get the idea. The entire package, having a cost to complement.

The Volkswagen Jetta is virtually a 2+2 that happens to possess 4 doors, at a minimum in terms of seating volume is concerned. The front chair is relaxing and roomy enough for many except for sizeable individuals. The seat alone might have been far more intense side bolsters for individuals who drive boldy, but at least the armrest is really close that you simply barely detect oneself utilizing it as being a crutch.

As opposed to the Passat’s, the Jetta’s beltline as well as cowl (base of the windows as well as windshield) tend to be reduced enough to be able to provide the cabin a great airy sensation and manage superb field of vision. I individually favor this particular combo: sufficient space to become relaxed in conjunction with plenty of glass. It can help you feel linked to both the vehicle as well as the street, devoid of feeling cramped. Some individuals might compare the Volkswagen Jetta up against the Volvo S40, the subsequently more affordable European four door offered within the United States. The S40 includes a really high dash which makes me, personally, feel hidden within the vehicle, and I would not ponder over it due to this by itself.

On The Road:

4 motors can be found within the Volkswagen Jetta‘s lineup. I’ve under no circumstances driven the bottom 4 or diesel-powered, however truly can’t see acquiring such minimal power within a vehicle that weighs and costs what the actual Jetta can. For some time, the sole alternative motor was VW’s distinctive, quite slim angle (so that it’s barely a V) V6. However in the summer of 2000 a 150hp turbo 4 had been included, and this year that motor receives a lift to 180hp. The bottom 4 generates 115hp, the 6 174 (soon to be knocked to 201). The turbo charges $1, 650 greater than the bottom 4, the 6 an additional $650 over that. I’ve operated both vehicles. Particularly if the turbo 4’s 15% greater gas usage makes a significant difference for you, which was essential.

An absolute benefit of the turbo 4 is handling. This particular motor weighs in at considerably lower than the VR6, and less weight around the front tires is a great factor. It results in further well balanced, much more nimble handling.

Having said that, the Volkswagen Jetta’s handling tumbles decently lacking efficiency. In extremely hostile driving, torque steer rears it’s unsightly face, the chassis will get slightly bobbly as well as skittish, and also things typically feel slightly unsettled. Fortunately the optional sports suspension forms these types of irritating dynamics down a tad, by equally decreasing lean within turns and ordinarily maintaining the body’s stability.

Which suspension and tires would be the finest? I’d take a look at as well as drive just about any which may meet your needs, and allow your personal vision, back, localized frequency of potholes, as well as pocket book end up being your guide.

Last Words:

If you’re drawn to the Volkswagen Jetta’s design, interior atmosphere, and German personality, tend not to mind the German value, and doesn’t call for a bigger back seat, then this is actually vehicle to suit your needs. Blend the scaled-down package, airier cockpit, and accessible sports suspension and the 2002 Volkswagen Jetta is actually a lot more exciting to operate compared to the more substantial, more costly Passat. The eccentricities with the chassis at the limit tend to be an additional weak point, however, you might possibly seldom endeavor there or actually choose this kind of entertainment. In general, a distinctively attractive package.

2002 Volkswagen Golf Review


I recently acquired a 2002 Volkswagen Golf. I’m fairly pleased with it… It really is genuinely all the things I envisioned it being.

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Picture an automobile which is speedy, strong, sporty, as well as exciting to ride. Now visualize this identical vehicle receiving greater than 40MPG. Neglect the Hybrids and the “dream” of fantastic gas usage together with electric powered vehicles. VW features a clean-burning, power productive replacement for the contemporary “economy” vehicle, which provides the gas usage which it promotes, without having to be dull, ho-hum, or even totally unsightly. The Volkswagen TDI motor isn’t the filthy, stinky, diesel-powered motor that many individuals imagine. It’s a quite high-tech, clear combusting, fumes free, motor, that provides outstanding gas consumption rate within the city as well as on the highway.

2002 Volkswagen Golf

2002 Volkswagen Golf


This vehicle is merely 90HP. However it offers 155 ft-lbs of Torque at only 1900 RPM! Precisely what may this imply? Torque is the strength which you sense while you are speeding up. Given that this particular power can be acquired at only 1900RPM, you happen to be typically traveling about while in the car’s optimum powerband. This results in an infinitely more strong sensationed vehicle than you may realize. Moving past people is straightforward! The 2002 Volkswagen Golf offers strength whenever as well as wherever you may need it. Slam down on the pedal and the turbocharger rapidly spools up and commences pouring in the power. Once more, you’re going to be astonished with the strength which this vehicle provides, particularly granted it’s affordability.


“Economy” as well as “Excitement” tend to be 2 phrases seldomly employed together. The Volkswagen TDI must be the best held mystery available. I individually consider the Volkswagen Golf a great time to operate. I love the sleek offering of power, the nice street and steering responses, the steady shifting German tranny, as well as the coziness. Open up the sunroof, turn up the Monsoon music system together with 8-speakers, and actually appreciate your own commute to your job. Even though the 15″ tires and wheels are sufficient, I chose the recommended 17″ tires and wheels, obtainable through the dealership. This provides the vehicle additional grasp and enhanced handling, devoid of wrecking the drive or generating increased street sound. An additional attribute of the 17″ tires is actually just how significantly distinct the vehicle appears! Significantly superior!


Diesel-powered motors are recognized for their dependability. I do not anticipate any kind of issues with the Volkswagen Golf. The sole difficulty I ever endured together with my own Beetle TDI in 12, 000 mi. had been how the key-ignition caution bell ceased functioning. I never have experienced any issues with my 2002 Volkswagen Golf TDI yet, however some minimal rattles have sprang up. I am going to get the car dealership to deal with them within my subsequent oil change. Does it outlast a Honda or perhaps Toyota? Who knows. I most likely will not possess the vehicle that long. Yet considering the fact that Diesel motors tend to be recognized to proceed 300, 000 mi. or higher without any tuneups, I completely anticipate the motor being trustworthy. Diesel motors never run virtually as warm as gasoline motors, and demand a smaller amount of repeated oil changes as well as servicing. Which is an additional reward. The TDI motor runs on the diverse geometry turbo which is intercooled. And also the indisputable fact that the TDI’s turbo utilizes comparatively less boost, this kind of turbocharger ought to be incredibly dependable and really should certainly not be considered a concern. VW includes a long warranty in order to support it as well.


The Volkswagen Golf can be relatively more costly compared to various other vehicles within it’s category, however, you need to assess oranges to oranges. The 2002 Volkswagen Golf is packed with conventional elements along with a superior warranty compared to the opposition, such as roadside support. Does the Honda arrive stock along with 4 wheel disc brakes as well as ABS? Are there side airbags? What about side curtain airbags regarding each front and rear passengers? Does the opposition possess awesome red-on-blue illumination within the dash? Is there a sweet “switchblade” key similar to the VW? All joking aside, make sure you happen to be contrasting feature to feature. The 2002 Volkswagen Golf includes nearly everything stock. They really don’t hound you to death having options such as the asian imports. In my opinion the VW Golf is a wonderful valuation.


Almost everything. I specifically enjoy the Monsoon audio system. The Monsoon audio system may be the ONLY manufacturer audio system which i didn’t instantly consider swapping out! This particular 8-speaker audio system along with amplifier is merely an additional $325 which is definitely worth it unless of course you’ve currently acquired a system prepared for your vehicle. I included the optional CD Changer with the trunk, which provides me 7-cd capability – 6 within the trunk then one within the dash. I additionally enjoy the sunroof using its micro-adjustments as well as “comfort” configurations, which in turn eradicates the necessity for any unsightly breeze deflector “bubble” that you notice on a wide range of vehicles. The sunroof enables the perfect level of wind flow in, and won’t generate too much wind noise, nor will it create wind “buffeting”. I furthermore enjoy the space for storage within the trunk. You are able to place everything back there! If you wish to carry anything truly large, the rear chairs collapse flat down providing you with an enormous space with regard to carting.


I adore this vehicle, in my opinion. Now proceed to discover on your own whether the 2002 Volkswagen Golf is perfect for you. In the event the TDI isn’t going to supply sufficient pep, look into the 1. 8T GTI or perhaps Jetta. You will have a difficult time wiping the smile away from your face once you have encountered the 1. 8T’s 180HP turbocharged motor.

2002 Toyota Corolla Review


The 2002 Toyota Corolla continues to be solidly within the convention of the resilient, affordable as well as preceding ordinary performance cars which I believe the majority of people came to anticipate from the Toyota Corolla. In the end, reselling worth is completely remarkable, and despite the fact that I typically suggest investing in a vehicle a year old since you obtain a greater offer, here is a fine situation for that exemption. First of all a warning. I continue to own a 2000 Toyota Corolla (although I am currently seeking to put it up for sale) and I am pleased with it therefore naturally, my evaluation could be somewhat “biased”.

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2002 Toyota Corolla

2002 Toyota Corolla

Once I initially acquired a glance at the actual 2002 Toyota Corolla, I had been beyond amazed. As the Corolla had been developed as being a household vehicle, initially the 2001 model and today the 2002 is certainly integrating a portion of the smoothness from the Lexus within it’s own style. The front end provides you with a grille concept, virtually similar to the Sebring or 1960′s Ferrari variety, however the result is quite attractive. This will likely seem tacky but precisely what I favor most concerning the Toyota Corolla is actually that whenever somebody describes the term “car”, I instantly visualize the structure with the Toyota Corolla, nothing too fancy yet most certainly not basic either. In which stating, “a home having a bright picket fence” might in the same way effortlessly contain the inclusion “and a 2002 Toyota Corolla within the driveway” due to the fact it’s interchangeable with the ordinary, perfect vehicle which the common individual could be searching for. Multi-reflector halogen headlights with day time running lamps can be found, and for any LE as well as I think the S design also, complete tire covers will also be a stock feature.


All types of the 2002 Toyota Corolla include the 1. 8-liter 125hp motor along with double overhead camshafts as well as 4 valves which initially had been launched in 1998. Owning the 2000 Corolla previously, I had not been anticipating a lot with regards to acceleration which had been as i obviously thought. Nevertheless, the vehicle seems a whole lot softer traveling even though it still won’t come near the Honda Civic in this particular region. The true assessments though will happen several years as time goes on as soon as any difficulties grow to be amplified. For the $13, 000-$15, 000 vehicle I seriously think that the motor has to be improved with a 150hp powered one, however for financial factors I’m certain, Toyota is sticking with the 125hp. Needless to say, this can help together with gas mileage and with 36 MPG, the Toyota Corolla undoubtedly can the planet a favor whilst becoming less heavy on the budget. Braking (still zero stock ABS brakes) is somewhat sluggish yet nowhere as poor as the Pontiac GrandAm. Around the sudden turns, once more ordinary is definitely an appropriate outline considering that the Toyota Corolla and it’s wheels don’t embrace the street firmly yet isn’t going to supply the perception that it’s likely to topple over as well.


The interior isn’t lavish however won’t seem vacant as well. Just about all required sections are simply where you’d probably assume them to end up being, and fortunately you will find zero “surprises”. Once more the contemporary description with the “typical” vehicle is applicable and Toyota Corolla suppliers manage to have done an exceptional task of developing an automobile in which suits the term typical in each impression aside from dependability which in turn needless to say is of a superb standard since the several more mature versions still operating around the roads can easily confirm. An individual awareness with warning concerning costs though. The Toyota Corolla without having these options may well seem to be enticingly inexpensive yet when you include them all, the cost seems to be inside striking range with the Camry which is perhaps one thing to think about.


In general, exactly what positions the 2002 Toyota Corolla separately within the lightweight vehicle class will be it’s dependability as well as reselling worth. Because of this, if you’re actually contemplating purchasing a vehicle above leasing it, this could certainly be a level of interest. Best of luck in your final decision.

2002 Toyota Camry Review


This is a standard Toyota Camry LE design with 2. 4 four cylinder motor, automatic transmission and all of the features that anyone can fit onto this vehicle. With 100k mi. it’s around on aimed for fuel consumption rate for any vehicle of it’s age.

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2002 Toyota Camry

2002 Toyota Camry


The interior with this vehicle became outdated quickly. Not surprising considering that the dashboard as well as console are constructed of low quality vinyl sections. Even the phony wooden grain console embed appears tacky. The chair cushioning material has held up nicely yet is getting slim. The back supports manage to have held up effectively as well and I prefer the quantity of adjustability while using the chair. In the event that you’ve used a more recent design Toyota within the last few years, you’ll oftimes be delighted for being behind the wheel with this vehicle. Absolutely no shocks and also the main testing of the waters within the futuristic could be the electronic odometer, and tranny shift indication lights upon the dash.

In general I truly do enjoy the typical construct of the dashboard and signals on the 2002 Toyota Camry. Almost everything within it’s location, no surprises. Most of the normal things you’d anticipate within a contemporary vehicle is here. Air bags, ABS, climate control, power windows etc… The initial purpose I needed this vehicle inside the shop had been due to the ABS process had malfunctioned. This is an option within the four cylinder model and most likely one which I might have foregone.

Toyota’s status as dependable, attained or not, has some people excited into assuming that typical servicing might be foregone. Incorrect! System contaminants through moisture build-up or condensation had destroyed the ABS and left the vehicle without having trustworthy braking. Having a full brake system reconstruct, flushing and reflush, we squeezed every little thing back to functioning order.

A few of the controls have held up properly whilst other areas appear to be on their final limbs. The power windows tend to be lethargic as well as imply to me more of those add-on electronic window kits within the mid 1970’s. Sluggish, boisterous along with a type of to and fro shiver just like the guide levers happen to be warped. Strangely enough this isn’t merely an issue using the drivers window that you simply may anticipate, but every one of the windows.

Back passenger coziness is typically not on par together with various other vehicles from the time. The 1997 Lumina I just pointed out places the Toyota Camry inside an entire different dimension (not a great one) in comparison. Limb space simply isn’t generally there and for any vehicle this proportion I must question the reason why it feels as though it’s pressing in upon me once i leap within the rear. Trunk room can also be fairly respectable, although not the most beneficial either. I can declare that it’s increased with a 60/40 divided chair, however considering that the chairs won’t retract entirely flat it’s sort of challenging to obtain more substantial goods to have space to stuff.


Style with the vehicle is actually useless. It’s practically as though Toyota procured the silhouette associated with some other vehicle belonging to the later 1990’s and produced a close clone. Extremely uninspired and intensely dull. Absolutely nothing to observe here people, let us move it along. It’s simply not an automobile you will end up gazing out the window of your abode appreciating.


The 2. 4 liter 4 cylinder Toyota engine has existed for some time. This one has been upped to 157hp within 2002 thus features a little more pizazz to cart this particular shaky wagon around. It’s produced an effective standing for itself and I had been astonished to discover this one dripping so much oil. A valve cover gasket adjust had taken care of this difficulty, however it ought not to have been spewing oil so premature within it’s service lifespan. In my opinion the main issue could be the motor is merely slightly overtaxed with regard to autobahn-type cruising. The Toyota Camry virtually performs it’s guts out to maintain.

The automatic tranny has held up nicely. Shifting is actually just right yet a little catchy pertaining to my taste. Mated associated with a greater motor with increased torque I’d envision the shifting might possibly be finer. Using the 4 cylinder motor though, you need to obtain a few more revs upward and also the shifts can occur sluggish and consequently freeze with abruptness. This doesn’t generate a calming commute by my own expectations, but as soon as you’re within high gear the vehicle moves around without a hinderance.

Gas economy for the 2002 Toyota Camry has been about on target for it’s size/ weight/ motor arrangement, having a few load ups disclosing around 20 city and 27 highway MPG.


Even though the 2002 Toyota Camry is an uninteresting duplicate of a sedan, it’s got some beneficial factors. It’s been relatively dependable taking into consideration the drivers haven’t spent anything engrossed into it yet. Now at 100k mi., their insufficient financial commitment is certainly catching up to them. This really is most likely not an unusual circumstance for most Toyota’s on the highway. Its very own history has attracted numerous buyers towards a phony perception of protection in which nothing should break and for that reason they don’t have to maintain it. I’d absolutely require routine maintenance information prior to presenting a single thing on one.

Despite the fact that I’d personally most likely by no means purchase a 2002 Toyota Camry, for those who have the cash and also require a relatively dependable vehicle to drive you about, then it might do it for you. Therefore yes, I am able to sort of suggest this specific vehicle. Regarding comparable cash though, I would most likely decide on a Subaru wagon which includes superior carrying potential which is mechanically far more intriguing or perhaps a Ford Taurus which can be in the same way dependable as well as less difficult relating to the pocket book when you really need to acquire maintenance.

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