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2004 BMW X3 Review


The 2004 BMW X3 is definitely an all around captivating experience together with my first investment into the “BMW” title.

Coming from a number of lower class vehicles, I was ready for an automobile which gratified my wife’s yearning for an “SUV”, as well as required All-Wheel-Drive functionality for our snowy winters, without the need to eliminate the sporty performance flair I ended up taking pleasure in so much within my Honda S2000.

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Having browsed through the competition, and discovering various other SUV’s available of equivalent, or even greater worth and quality compared to the 2004 BMW X3, I had been attracted through the reassuring lease costs upon brand new models, in conjunction with the dealership’s capacity to bargain with the price of the vehicle, as opposed to a large number of various other rivalling companies. Very stunning with such a high class reputation such as BMW, I believe.

2004 BMW X3

2004 BMW X3

The 2004 BMW X3 definitely boasts the sporty, performance characteristics of the S2000. Even though I recognize it’s an issue much like contrasting apples to oranges, however, I’ve never felt so safe whisking into reverse switchbacks within an SUV. Handling is vibrant, and even though the automotive media scoffed at it, declaring it a rough aggressive drive, obnoxiously distressing and jolting, I personally must disagree. The drive is firm, although sporty; essential for the type of handling BMW X3 aficionados have found themselves complimenting. Having said that, In my opinion, I wouldn’t suggest getting the Sport package, considering that the reduced profile wheels as well as more rigid suspension might certainly produce a driving experience that might tend to be intolerable for prolonged excursions with the family. Braking is actually an additional advantage of the 2004 BMW X3; linear as well as properly accurate, I’ve discovered the BMW X3 to surpass a large number of lighter in weight sport SUV’s I have tested out, in braking.

Reviewers frequently scowl at the stark interior within the new BMW X3, conveying it as “covered in too much cheaper looking plastic” as well as devoid of the typical BMW quality. In my opinion, I consider the variety of vinyl and other provided surfaces of superb quality, as well as vibrant, yet not too embellished color options, among them those with the “Sensatec” interiors are generally first class also. “Fit and finish” is excellent as well, although often times there tend to be minor squeals and moans as a result of the trim sections while the BMW X3 warps to settle in driving through rugged or jagged surfaces. With all of that said, the fundamentalist interior within the BMW X3 accommodates my preferences just wonderfully. The HVAC functions splendidly, and also the BMW audio system is definitely nothing like that which is made available from rivals within the equivalent value range.

Sitting posture while in the front seats is more substantial in height, along with the powered chairs, offers ample adaptability designed for even the most fussy and hard to please motorists. I’d really like to have witnessed bigger side-door mirrors; the BMW X3 is ideal for towing modest trailers and these kinds of mirrors may not even assist in sub-par efficiency for this function. The cabin carries a pleasant airy sense with it, however isn’t unlike the cheaper, as well as similarly comfortable Honda CRV.

The place that the 2004 BMW X3 performs exceptionally well in, with regards to their Japanese competitors including the Honda CRV as well as the Toyota Rav4, is certainly BMW’s progressive XDrive system. Truck structured SUV’s together with traditional 4WD platforms, including the 4Runner/Pathfinder-type, happen to be rear-happy upon smooth or slippery street surfaces, and through personal experience, FWD SUV’s are inclined to display understeer while stressed upon slick terrain. The BMW X3 possesses absolutely zero of the previously stated issues. The conversion through 2WD towards Xdrive is actually flawless, tranquil as well as awe-inspiringly swift, enabling capacity to become designated with an as required schedule, to every tire, separately.

Performance is peppy and spiritedly nimble and sportive, although not invigorating or thrilling in any respect. Granted our household requirements and necessities to have an automatic, it was clearly no question we needed to go for the 3. 0i or nothing at all. I undoubtedly couldn’t endorse the BMW X3 2. 5i, experiencing the performance and handling of one personally. Common for BMW’s i6 motors, each have to be pushed to their boundaries to acquire optimum strength and performance, yet needless to say, the 3. 0 is superior at accomplishing this as opposed to the 2. 5, particularly when combined and aided by the automatic tranny. Along with both versions, in the event that you happen to be searching for a speedy SUV, than simply search somewhere else, because that’s not what the BMW X3 was designed or created for. Aftermarket performance assistance continues to be disappointing, and additionally your funds might possibly be more suitably invested in the faster, higher priced X5 4. 4i, or even greater yet, the BMW X5 4. 8iS. Truth be told, here again, BMW provides minor economic motivation to purchase the BMW X3‘s larger, vigorously more robust, and bulkier sibling.

With everything informed and presented above, I truly encourage you to try out a ride within the 2004 BMW X3 while browsing and searching for a compact SUV. You’re going to be stunned at the level of versatility the vehicle actually possesses, of which this in conjunction with the knowledge of operating a surprisingly impressive and unique SUV, not really matched upon industry so far, helps make the BMW X3 a wonderful vehicle selection.

2004 Audi S4 Review


Not long ago I obtained a 2004 Audi S4 and can’t be any more pleased with my choice. The Audi S4 has kept me satisfied within every single factor with the exception of one. The interior, audio system, motor dependability, steering, strength, design, handling, and more, couldn’t have been designed with any more brilliance in any other way.

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The Vehicle:

I acquired the 2004 Audi S4 for $25, 000. It is styled with a charcoal color, having a dark grey interior. It’s run with a 340 horsepower motor accompanied by a six-speed transmission. The interior includes a leather trim. Within the cabin, I fit flawlessly within the racing seats in which I am able to fine-tune the Bose high quality audio system as well as effortlessly utilize the NAV system. The sole thing I am able to declare about this vehicle, is how there exists countless capabilities that this vehicle provides that it’s essential to learn the manual.

2004 Audi S4

2004 Audi S4


This particular high class performance vehicle happens to be powered with a 340 horsepower German manufactured 4. 2 L motor. Fine-tuned to flawlessness, the motor’s strength is equally dispersed to every tire using the Quattro feature permitting every bit of horsepower to be pushed from the vehicle. To date, I’ve experienced no difficulties with the motor alone. The Audi S4‘s V8 purrs while the vehicle idles and then growls once I throw open the throttle. The single thing I’ve observed is a minimal amount of roughness while idling yet will in all probability end up being fixed having a swift maintenence tune up and spark plug exchange. Another issue I’ve been experiencing would be a shifting one. I’m not sure if it’s just my getting used to a luxury class performance manual vehicle, yet I sometimes end up skipping through first gear to third, and other similar slippage, because there’s a great deal of strength within every gear.


I’m truly amazed how remarkable the 2004 Audi S4 handles. I had been anticipating an overwhelmed in strength, high class vehicle which had been careless within cornering. I truly couldn’t have been more incorrect! The full 340 horsepower can be employed inside a higher velocity turn having a bit of support from the wheels. Should you be inclined enough, you are able to sense the power steering adapt along with your pace while you go into a turn at either excessive or reduced speeds. This absolutely provides the feeling of cruising within a race car. The suspension is additionally rather firm to aid in the sport-type driving experience. You’d probably assume that due to the fact that it’s got the sense of a performance vehicle, in which striking protrusions might be a problem. In the event that you made that prediction, you’d be completely incorrect. The majority of humps and dips hardly shift you while you appreciate the open road within your supported chairs. I’m not saying that you simply would not sense anything, however all around it is actually a gentle drive.

The Interior:

The interior in the 2004 Audi S4 is certainly roomy however, not too relaxing. I’d personally assert that it’s as cozy as a high class performance vehicle might possibly be. My Audi S4 ended up being furnished with a Bose high quality audio system as well as a standard NAV system. They each supply amazing sound as well as enjoyment. The standard audio speakers possess a sharp and boisterous tone which will be sure to satisfy even the most fussy audio enthusiasts. I’ve been advised by passengers, how the rear seat just isn’t comfy at all as well as difficult to try and sleep in. The Audi S4 happens to be a bit lengthier compared to some, however I had been nevertheless shocked about the capacity of the trunk. It provides an abundance of room for all types of storage. It even boasts a 12V charger intended for usage to charge whatever you desire.


In general, I’m incredibly thrilled with the investment in the 2004 Audi S4. The main disadvantage of the car may be the compromise of fuel consumption for the enhancement of power. It receives around 18mpg with regard to city, and around 21mpg on the freeway. In addition to that it furthermore needs 91 octane. These kinds of statistics tend to be a disaster along with the dreadful costs of gas right now. Aside from the gas efficiency, the 2004 Audi S4 offers strength as well as lavish high class extravagance to the greatest extent. I’d personally tremendously endorse acquiring one should you be even considering it. It really is the rival of the BMW M3, and though the M3 continues to provide the speed to be able to defeat it, nonetheless it falls short of the posh luxury that the 2004 Audi S4 features.

2004 Audi A6 Review


A short time ago, I exchanged my 2001 Audi A6 2. 7T Quattro along with sport suspension for the new 2004 Audi A6 ‘S-Line’ 2. 7T.

Precisely what I discovered deficient within the 2001 Audi A6 (such as disappointing headlamps, street and wind flow sound disturbance, and more) had become remedied for the 2004. And the new 2004 Audi A6 S-Line is truly amazing!

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You receive 15 horsepower above the ordinary 250hp in the 2. 7 liter Bi-Turbo motor, additional torque as well as 18″ tires. The RS6 design back spoiler can be a pleasant touch and also the 2004 Audi A6 provides you with superior brakes as well as bigger headlamps, which include HID intended for equally low as well as high beams.

2004 Audi A6

2004 Audi A6

My own had been furnished with each individual gadget obtainable, among them the 200 watt Bose audio system boasting an in-dash six disc CD player, On-Star as well as an amazing DVD GPS Navigation system which talks to you and lets you know exactly where you should be going — assessing the most direct course as well as supplying sufficient preceding cautioning of approaching curves, freeway merges and so on. Additionally, it included Audi’s hot and cold weather package that features back and side sun shades, warmed seats, as well as a skiing carrier that enables you to hold your skis anchored perfectly inside the car. The insolated bag employs the trunk entry opening within the back seats so 2 passengers may continue to utilize the back seats while the ski’s can be used as a form of a makeshift arm rest. And finally, the most popular feature, XM Satellite Radio! (Over one hundred stations of CD quality, ad free, media, music as well as entertainment)

After putting more than 60, 000 mi. upon my outdated 2001 Audi A6, I am able to inform you how the 2004 Audi A6 has genuinely been enhanced and upgraded. It’s incredibly tranquil, however, not too silent that you end up feeling separated from your driving focus — for instance, the way you would feel using the Lexus 430. The newest Audi A6 provides more of what I might label a “fully developed yet inspired driving experience. ” The Audi A6 S Line is undoubtedly a serious driving enthusiast’s vehicle. The 2004 Audi A6 Quattro AWD allows the driver an authentic awareness of perfect handling proficiency and drivability within a myriad of driving circumstances such as dry concrete to wet as well as even slippery frost and snow.

Thus far, I am extremely thrilled with my 2004 Audi A6 S-line Quattro. My lengthy drive to work fails to seem as prolonged now that I am able to tune in to the news or talk shows in the morning, or comedy or other entertainment shows on my way back home. You can’t even tell the difference in clarity and quality between listening to XM and the audio system within the car, or if I’m listening in my home… it’s really a wonderful sounding system.

The new 2004 Audi A6 S-Line is definitely Audi’s “alluring performance sedan” model and therefore truly is the perfect vehicle for me.

2004 Audi A4 Review


Where I’m from, the Audi A4 actually is pretty much stereotypically known as a “girly car” since just about every person seen driving one happens to be a girl. No, it might not necessarily be as high class and performance-enhanced as a BMW 3-Series or perhaps an Infiniti G35, however immediately after cruising around in 3 various Audi A4 models, I am able to, with certainty, declare that male driver’s must not neglectfully disregard the Audi A4. The 2004 Audi A4 isn’t particularly as sporty as those mentioned above, however it does have, I truly believe, an improved mixture of sport as well as higher class compared to what the other two accomplish. I’ve been, as well as still am, searching for a vehicle for my son. We rode in a 2004 Audi A4 1. 8T Quattro, an Audi A4 Convertible 1. 8T FWD, as well as an Audi A4 3. 0 FWD. The 2004 Audi A4 is unquestionably among our best chosen main possibilities. This specific assessment will be of the initial 2004 Audi A4 we rode in, a 1. 8T Quattro utilizing 170hp.

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2004 Audi A4

2004 Audi A4


We tested out a metallic and black Audi A4 1. 8T, and it truly appeared beautifully well-defined. It included the sport package, therefore it had attractive, sportive wheels which made the vehicle a lot more buff within it’s visual appeal. Several people might not be too attracted to the Audi A4’s ‘curved’ design, however we considered it to appear more contemporary and sporty.

Climbing within the interior of an Audi A4, you tend to be alluded to the fact how this just isn’t a large vehicle. Within the front cabin, I noticed an abundance of space, however the rear seat had been somewhat confined, together with knees chaffing against the backside of the front chairs. The front chairs had been relaxing as well as supporting, and also the leather quality appeared to be significantly better than within the BMW as well as Infiniti’s that we’ve formerly tested out.

Audi certainly understands how to produce stunning interiors! The 2004 Audi A4 effortlessly possessed the best attractive interior of all of them, and it truly appeared to be perfectly assembled together with modest fit spaces in between sections as well as premium components practically everywhere I decided to place my hand.

The 2004 Audi A4 included a 3-spoke steering wheel, that possessed pleasant grips for your hands, and it also had a smooth, performance-type visual appeal. The interior showcased carbon fiber trim, that had also been of premium quality and thus appeared genuinely attractive.

Driving Impressions:

When cruising around in the 2004 Audi A4, I truly appreciated the vehicle’s modest proportions. It seemed quite managable as well as dynamically nimble. I could surely turn corners genuinely swift, and also the vehicle cornered truly solid and reliably.

This specific Audi A4 had been furnished with Audi’s notorious Quattro System (All-Wheel-Drive). Quattro contributes around 400 lbs. more than a version without it. You are able to truly sense the excess weight, so when one slams on the gas with the 1. 8T, you’re Audi A4 exhibits a wheezing noise from the turbo four. I hadn’t recognized excessive lag in the turbo, however the vehicle is obviously no speedster. It’s strength of power tends to be adequate, however it seemed weaker compared to the BMW 325xi.

Criticisms aside, the Audi A4‘s power is going to be satisfactory for the majority, and when it happens not to be, it’s possible to upgrade to the 3. 0 V-6. The advantage of owning the turbocharged motor is that around high elevation regions, no motor power is lagged caused by the high altitude, as opposed to the majority of commonly aspirated motors. This really is unquestionably an advantage should you reside anywhere such as Colorado.


I had been amazed by precisely how perfectly the 2004 Audi A4 1.8T drove. Despite the presence of the sport suspension, the Audi A4 drove extremely efficiently, as well as absorbed street defects far more superior in contrast to the BMW 325xi. In general, I enjoyed the 2004 Audi A4 1. 8T considerably more than I imagined I might. The version I rode in ended up being wonderfully outfitted, and also seemed to be incredibly similar to the BMW’s 325xi, however it’s value was approximately $5, 000 cheaper. This can be a significant chunk of change, and given that both vehicles are priced identically, I’d personally continue to choose the 2004 Audi A4. In the event that the 1. 8T isn’t strong enough to meet your requirements and preferences, I recommend checking out the 3. 0 V-6 Audi A4 model, since it’s motor is substantially more powerful, as well as performance-enhanced.

2004 Acura TSX Review


As soon as the Acura TSX initially was released within America throughout the spring of 2003 being a 2004 model, it hadn’t actually captured my interest. The design seemed to be relatively typical for the Acura/Honda family style, since it appeared akin to the European Honda Accord’s (on which it happens to be based upon). While a growing number of 2004 Acura TSX’s began showing up all over the town I live in, I started to get sucked in. The design progressively grew upon me. It’s got a buff posture together with distinct creased traces, as well as stunning dual barrel exhaust pipes on the rear. It’s most definitely a fabulously sporty vehicle, after which, viewed in the right light beside a BMW 3-series appears considerably more striking as well as innovative in contrast.

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My son, who now happens to be on the market to get a vehicle for college, considered this might be the ideal vehicle designed for him. The Acura TSX is really affordable, is quite dependable, offers great resell value, provides inspiring design, a fantastic interior, and is also truly enjoyable to drive – precisely what could possibly be wrong? My kid and I test drove an automatic 2004 Acura TSX, and allow me to share my personal perceptions and opinions on the intriguing new vehicle.

2004 Acura TSX

2004 Acura TSX


Absolutely no other vehicle within the $30, 000 budget range will match the quality and design, as well as convenient simplicity of the 2004 Acura TSX regarding the interior. Personally, I discovered the inside being significantly more relaxing and appealing when compared to the BMW 3-Series, that I actually believe can be remarkably overrated. The version we rode in included gray leather along with attractive metallic highlights.

There had also been an exceptionally remarkable navigation system within the 2004 Acura TSX, that included voice-initiated features, which was additionally surprisingly simple and straightforward to utilize. I had not been too satisfied with the level of quality of the leather, however the dashboard along with other interior components of the Acura TSX appeared to be rather properly designed, as well as being of top quality.

I ended up being amazed simply by precisely how spacious the cabin seemed to be. The rear seat had been decently relaxing, along with an abundance of space with regard to my knees as well as the rest of my legs, and I surely could obtain a cozy driving position. The chairs were definitely pleasant and provided great support. The 2004 Acura TSX additionally featured a massive trunk area compared to others within it’s class proportions, and likewise, additionally included retractable back seats to enhance cargo room.

Driving Impressions:

I’ve heard multiple rumors about the Acura TSX, which allege how the 200 horsepower four-cylinder motor seems just as sleek and gentle as the V-6. I’d personally say differently, since I found the motor noise being somewhat wheezy, and had been missing the strength and polished power which I had envisioned. The Acura TSX is under no circumstances sluggish, and on the contrary is certainly perky and sporty, however the six cylinder motors within a few of it’s higher priced competitors tend to be positively more sophisticatedly effective and strong.

The 2004 Acura TSX corners turns with confidence, in spite of it’s FWD design. The Acura TSX incorporates a beautifully constructed steering wheel along with satellite settings and controls for the audio system and NAV. The steering possessed an ideal weight-resistance around bends, and in general, the vehicle seems incredibly sturdy, stable, and reliable.

The drive had been much sleeker and softer than anticipated. Protrusions, dips, along with other street flaws tend to be nicely gentle, and the drive is unquestionably far more accomodating compared to the BMW 3-Series.

In Conclusion:

Within the last several years, Acura continues to be producing numerous fantastic fresh vehicles, in which signify and stand for remarkable values. The 2004 Acura TSX is unquestionably one of these. There isn’t any other vehicle within it’s budget range that will even match up with it. The Acura TSX always tends to end up being such a greater value, having a more relaxing and appealing interior, more exclusivity, as well as superior design and also enhanced handling. In my opinion, I would choose the Acura TSX above the BMW 3-Series, even regardless of whether they happened to be the identical cost!

In the region in which I reside, you are able to aquire excellent bargains on the new 2004 Acura TSX’s. I obtained estimates for $25, 000 for an Acura TSX without NAV, in addition to there actually being somewhat used test drive vehicles together with below 10, 000 mi. offered for as little as $23, 000. With regard to these kinds of values along with the Acura TSX‘s quality, you truly can not fail choosing the 2004 Acura TSX… along with anticipated Acura dependability included, it definitely is an incredibly impressive vehicle.

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