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2003 Subaru Forester Review


A prior weekend not too long ago, a typical cruise along the car dealership region of my hometown quickly resulted in a test drive for a 2003 Subaru Forester 2.5X. The vehicle had more than 60,000 mi. on the odometer. At the time, the cost had been reduced to around only $21,000. And the auto dealership’s sale value had amazingly been merely $14,000. It just arrived that day, to be put onto the sale line. After getting an excellent deal, here’s what I thought of the 2003 Subaru Forester:

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2003 Subaru Forester

2003 Subaru Forester


2003 will be the initial year with the remodeled external appearance. To be honest, I adore the fresh appearance. It really is far more macho as well as having that mean SUV demeanor. My own Subaru Forester can be described as vibrant blue along with the upgraded tires. In general, the design is effective with regard to my personal preferences. I have debated whether or not to upgrade with tinting the back windows, that presents it with a tad more of an SUV appeal. I additionally appreciate the extra-large fog lamps, as well as reflector style headlamps and tail lights.


Once more, 2003 will be the initial year with it’s essential internal remodeling. My Subaru Forester 2.5X happens to be the ‘basic or standard’ design. The chairs possess a wonderful appearance, some form of a weave-style texture. I genuinely favor it above the fabric from the XS. I’m not really an admirer of leather either, thus zero loss there. The driver’s chair is extremely relaxing, along with back support, elevation adjustable positioning. The perspective is fantastic… taller than the typical vehicle, however, not ridiculously excessive similar to a huge SUV. Along with every one of the windows as well as little pillars, every view is pretty good, mostly. The back chair backsides retract flat devoid of being forced to get rid of the head rests. This provides a good smooth area. The dashboard features a wonderful elegant appearance having a kind of perforated-pattern style upon the dash, along with a silky metallic color around the stereo/HVAC region. The gear shift in addition to the steering wheel are a vinyl style material. I might have favored a leather gripping on them instead, but it’s not really an issue. The music system within the Subaru Forester, as well as HVAC settings, are generally fittingly situated as well as user friendly. Gauges tend to be self-explanatory and effortless together with speedometer, tech, gas as well as temperature gauge. There is also the digital odometer, two journey odometers, and also an exterior climate readout. The cruise control requires a small amount of getting acquainted to. There are various little compartments throughout the cabin – on the side of the doors, under the dashboard, seats as well as back cabin. The heating unit has performed sufficiently within the chilly temperatures, and so have the front and back defrosters. I love owning the back wiper as well, it’s amazingly convenient. The audio system is standard I believe. I most likely will end up replacing the stock unit with my Sirius satellite radio. That always contributes a little speaker quality. For many individuals, the standard system in the Subaru Forester is going to be efficient enough for the average person. The stock CD player also offers a weatherband. Additionally, a further good touch, would be the other clock near the top of the dashboard. Around the roof will be two sunglass cases. Within the driver’s visor there exists a flexible band, a card holder, pencil holder as well as small mirror. Also you will find a pleasant dome light which dies out at nighttime. My Subaru Forester comes with the automatic dimming mirror along with compass. The compass is nice, however the auto dimming mirror is actually one particular item that after you’ve experienced it, it’s not possible to live with out it. The interior may be a little noisy due to wind/breeze disturbance, street noise, as well as the motor – however, not excessively awful. The basic 2003 Subaru Forester 2.5X arrives stock along with power windows, power locks, power mirrors, keyless access, cruise control, fog lamps as well as air conditioning. All around, the interior is actually an extremely relaxing, desirable, and spacious location to drive in.


The Subaru Forester 2.5X as well as 2.5XS include a four cylinder motor. From the V6 towards now, a four cylinder, the swap had been simpler in comparison with what I expected. The sole area the four cylinder is deficient is certainly passing strength. I miss pounding down the gas pedal with my previous V6 and simply breezing beyond the vehicles beside me. However, in general, the four cylinder can truly be a remarkably perky as well as sufficient motor with this car. My own 2003 Subaru Forester provides the five speed manual. It shifts very nicely, however somewhat complicated within fifth gear. The manual also boasts what is referred to as “Hill Holder” which happens to be anytime both the clutch as well as brake pedals are pushed, stop the vehicle from moving in reverse once the brake pedal is let go. This really is ideal for less self-assured motorists. I prefer the actual rolling personally. I’ve never driven the automatic Subaru Forester. I likewise have not really had the opportunity to work out the fuel consumption rate, however it is actually ranked with 21mpg within the city, 27mpg around the freeway.


A huge positive upon the Subaru Forester is definitely protection. Excellent crash test rankings as well as security elements make this the ideal choice for anyone focused on such things. Twin front airbags, side head/chest airbags, ABS, and AWD are stock with the 2.5X. Options such as EBD can be found upon better versions. I adore the brakes with my Subaru Forester, that are front disc, back drum. They really feel fantastic and halt having confidence. The renowned Subaru AWD is amazing. Even cornering turns and also curves upon dried concrete the 2003 Subaru Forester absolutely seems confident footed as well as stable, practically similar to a sports vehicle.


All around, personally I think the 2003 Subaru Forester is a superb car for that value. Together with diverse trim models, any individual is able to effortlessly locate a Subaru Forester to satisfy their own preferences.

2003 Saturn VUE Review


I purchased my own 2003 Saturn VUE subsequent to playing with the notion when I initially test-drove the actual 2002 version. I made a decision to hold out until 2003 for two main purposes – I desired a leather interior as well as needing to determine if there has been any kind of significant repairs in which would have to be maintenenced. After owning an older Saturn in the past, I thought I’d give them another shot.

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2003 Saturn Vue

2003 Saturn Vue


The 2003 Saturn VUE includes an automatic transmission, V6, leather inside, high grade audio package (amazing sound), 17 in. alloy wheels, sunroof, front guard, roof rack, fog lamps, side curtain airbags, ABS along with traction control, extended warranty together with complete maintenence for five years with no deductible, A/C (standard), and a lot more which arrives standard along with the Saturn VUE. The extended warranty in regards to maintenence support is excellent. I simply bring my Saturn VUE in any time it requires an oil change as well as every other maintenence issue that needs to be looked at and as simple as that, it’s dealt with. There is absolutely no cost for myself. Additionally, it includes roadside support for five years.


The 2003 Saturn VUE rides and performs similar to a car. It’s got a reasonably sleek drive. The steering is quite swift as well as receptive, however it occasionally possesses a rattling noise which Saturn states is a result of the point that it’s computerized. It’s extremely relaxing. The back passenger region is rather spacious as well as the internal overall room is abundant. The leather everywhere can definitely be attractive, particularly it’s chair heaters during the winter season. I’ve got a great deal of cargo room, however it won’t arrive standard having a cargo cover. The audio system is fantastic – six disc in dashboard CD player, AM/FM radio, as well as cassette along with numerous loudspeakers. The Saturn VUE receives wonderful freeway gas mileage as well as respectable road gas mileage. Superb field of vision through the driver’s position. The controls are typically at your fingertips for any individual of ordinary height. The front seat belts are generally adaptable designed for diverse heights on top of that.


The Saturn VUE is amazingly reactive, both the steering as well as the pep. After I slam down the gas pedal, it truly gets moving. Even in spite of the A/C being kept on with maximum power, the vehicle nevertheless continues to provide sufficient capacity to steer California’s foothills with ease and quick pace. I am able to generate rapid cornering. The motor is unbelievably tranquil. To such a huge degree that I’ve genuinely rolled up on friends, slowly, they usually failed to even notice I had actually been there! It’s really enormously entertaining to ride around in and has now developed my personal morning/evening drive to and from work, a great deal more manageable. The fuel consumption rate is superior, and usually can operate entirely with 87 octane fuel, typically the most affordable from the gas station. I regularly receive this fuel consumption rate on the Saturn VUE and am able to consistently push more than 70 mph!


The damage resistant doors upon the 2003 Saturn VUE certainly are pleasant novelties, however it produces a reasonably obnoxious and noisy interior while you’re driving. It really is about time for Saturn to finally move on, and mark it as a temporary failure, and wait for in the near future, when they can do it perfectly, without sacrificing anything else in the car, like sound-proofing from external sound… but, oh well. The middle console is far too low except if your own arms happen to be four feet long! It really ought to be higher in order for the driver to not have to grasp and stretch around to be able to reach for anything. The suspension may very well be improved to provide a softer drive. A few components ought to arrive stock, especially if you purchase the premium series model together with leather as well as the whole set of trimmings (which my own personal Saturn VUE had). The motor might have been able to utilize additional hp with the V6, but is adequate with the way it is currently.


The 2003 Saturn VUE is truly an amazing vehicle and I’m absolutely thrilled with my investment. However, if you prefer a vehicle of which rides similar to a Lexus, then just stop aimlessly searching, and go find a Lexus.┬áWith regard to precisely what it provides, it really is a fantastic cost as well as a superb automobile. Furthermore, you receive far beyond what you could imagine and it’s cravingly exciting to drive.

2003 Nissan Murano Review


I unquestionably adored my 2003 Nissan Murano. My own possessed pretty much every extra feature you were able to receive on a Nissan Murano: high quality sound, leather, satellite navigation, All-Wheel Drive, ABS, cruise control, sliding sun roof, twin climate control, and much more.

Since the time I acquired this vehicle, I haven’t ever endured one particular issue from it. The quality had been outstanding.

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The Nissan Murano is unbelievably efficient. You are able to collapse down the back chairs and provide a huge amount of room in order to carry things all over within the rear. The transmission is actually excellent as well as performs flawlessly, the motor is definitely powerful with plenty of passing capability. It will not succeed in many quarter mi. races however it can still be rather dynamic off the line. Fuel consumption will not be the best yet this is the typical tradeoff if you need hp therefore I tend not to think of it being irrational. Close to the city, I managed to get near 16-17 mpg and additionally upon excursions within highways I received about 22-24 mpg. The SAT NAV system can really be a blessing for anyone who is on holiday and desires assistance locating destinations and you simply just know the road address. The wheel stress tracking system which is absolutely clever also.

2003 Nissan Murano

2003 Nissan Murano

The computer system additionally lets you know when you are in need to have an oil change or perhaps ready to turn your current wheels. Which can be yet another convenient function. The travel computer also offers each of the various additional typical capabilities including “distance to empty”, ordinary gas usage, and so on. All performed just as it had been designed to.

Field of vision is within the Nissan Murano is excellent and also I under no circumstances observed virtually any blind-spots whilst driving. Relaxation is decent, even upon prolonged excursions. Five hundred mile days ordinarily are not an issue whatsoever with this vehicle. Now I am uncertain precisely how boisterous it can be while travelling due to the fact that I am of those types of individuals whom CONSTANTLY blasts the audio system anytime I am inside the vehicle, and is generally always on extremely high volume and stays really noisy. The BOSE High quality music system within this car, mind you, is just about the finest sounding manufacturer standard audio system I have truly ever heard. Together with the bass speaker (which’s concealed above the spare wheel) you receive robust firm bass in addition to magnificently clean high’s. You understand that music system was created properly as soon as you specify the treble as well as bass at the center and make it sound ideal. This particular audio system will do exactly that.

When it comes to the remaining controls in the Nissan Murano, they’re definitely simple to function as well as relatively perceptive. The sole thing I by no means was able to determine is the reason why, in the event you specify a heat range relating to the climate control, in addition to fixing it to automatic, and as an example, we’ll pretend that it is 50 degrees outdoors and also the heat level setting is defined at around 72 degrees, then what’s the reason why the A/C signal turn on? The Nissan Murano warms the way it’s meant to, however the A/C signal is still on!?! If you happen to press the A/C switch off, the “Auto” signal then shuts off, and thus becomes genuinely unclearly complicated. I figured out to simply specify it with a heat level I desired and just to disregard the A/C signal. It’ll warm and/or cool as required.

I truly am unable to visualize a great number of factors I haven’t enjoyed concerning the Nissan Murano. It rode extremely pleasant, sleek as well as tranquil and also relaxing. It performed perfectly for an SUV as well. I hardly ever thought I had been on the verge of leaning over while cornering hard. It runs similar to a station wagon as compared to an SUV, suprisingly low center of gravity and incredibly confident footed.

So, there’s a chance you’re wondering “if you had been so pleased with the 2003 Nissan Murano then what’s the reason you don’t own one any longer? “. That really is a sensible question. Now I am a just divorced 30-something man in which made a decision that the Camaro had been much more my personal fashion in addition to being an extremely impulsive purchaser I just ran out and exchanged the Nissan Murano in for the Camaro. But when all is said and done, the 2003 Nissan Murano truly is a surprisingly impressive, innovative, and pristinely perfect SUV that could seriously take Nissan to new heights within the SUV market industry. I would reccommend the Nissan Murano to anyone.

2003 Nissan Altima Review


2003 Nissan Altima SE

The Altima, Nissan’s prospective hope for a potentially brighter future.

The last decade has long been difficult with this once quite lucrative vehicle producer. The years while Nissan (then referred to as Datsun) had been a particular financial success have ended. Nissan continues to be striving severely to climb to the top of the foreign market once again.

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To accomplish this they’re providing improved vehicles and also the costs, despite the fact that they’re slightly over the average within each class, remains to be rather suitable as you include the stock features in which Nissan outfitted their vehicles with.

The 2003 Nissan Altima SE is the greatest selling Nissan design for the past several years and for a valid reason; it’s a wonderfully constructed vehicle and it arrives completely loaded with a fantastic offering of standard relaxation features as well as security elements.

2003 Nissan Altima

2003 Nissan Altima

Individuals possess the selection of 3 unique models. The first would be the basic 2.5 S trim that comes furnished with few standard features, then the in-between model of the line-up 3.5 SE and then, in addition to that is lastly, the highest model 3.5 SL. The Nissan Altima carries a curb weight of 3,195 lbs. along with a wheelbase of 110.2 in. It calculates 191.5 in. long as well as 70.4 in. wide. A very important factor I prefer more concerning the Nissan Altima is how it includes a complete listing of standard safety capabilities in addition to a handful more that are offered as options.

The interior cabin of the Nissan Altima SE is amazingly well assembled, it’s possible to spot the top quality with the components employed as well as the craftsmanship. The Nissan Altima 3.5 SE is incredibly well furnished with standard attributes. The Nissan Altima I drove had been jam-packed: Air conditioning, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, tilt steering, cruise control, leather seating, AM/FM radio, CD player, sunroof, window defroster as well as alloy tires.

The room within the front chair section of the Nissan Altima is relaxing, however is relatively restricted within the rear chair.

When it comes to exterior, I’m keen on it’s visual appeal. I favor picking alloy tires upon the Nissan Altima, it truly supplies this specific vehicle a certain attractive design.

The Nissan Altima includes a cargo quantity of 15.6 cubic feet, that ought to provide you with adequate space to haul all of your equipment as well as groceries.

The Nissan Altima 3.5 SE possesses a 3.5-liter, six-cylinder motor which generates 240hp. When it comes to the transmission, it’s designed with a four-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle arrives outfitted standard with twin airbags and side airbags are generally optional as is the traction control functions.

Apart from the cost, I love every little thing concerning the 2003 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. This particular vehicle is packed with coziness and standard security capabilities. The Altima is really a vision to drive on the road and to breeze along around city streets.

2003 Mazda Protege Review


Mazda is starting to shoulder it’s path through to the top of the sport-compact class. The 2003 Mazda Protege Mazdaspeed model is a superb four-door speedster. Now, this might not be anything as opposed to Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII however it remains to be an excellent vehicle.

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I had been drawn to it’s wonderful design along with a thumping audio system. In certain regions this can be a nice vehicle, within others it requires work. This is what I discovered…

It truly is similar to absolutely no other Protege!

This could be the beginning of what might be a really favorable Mazdaspeed legacy!

2003 Mazda Protege

2003 Mazda Protege


You might or might not realize, Mazdaspeed stands out as the title of Mazda’s racing group founded in 1967. Their particular vehicles, usually the RX-7, have triumphed in a multitude of trophies as well as titles. The RX-7 could be the sole Japanese vehicle to actually win the 24 hr. Le Mans race. Now, Mazda has revealed a street legal vehicle which has been firmly inspired by the Mazdaspeed squad.

Ford, owner of 33% of Mazda, desires even more. Mazda distributed merely a bit more than 300, 000 vehicles this past year as opposed to Toyota that distributed more than 1. 8 million. This assists in clarifying their leap towards more youth focused automobiles including the RX-8 as well as the Mazdaspeed Mazda Protege.


- 170 horsepower @ 5, 500 RPM
- 160 lbs. -ft. Of Torque @ 3, 500 RPM
- Five-Speed Manual Transmission
- 24 MPG City/30 MPG Highway
- Turbocharged Motor
- 450 Watt Kenwood Sound System
- Aluminum Pedals
- Anti-Lock Brakes
- Racing Hart 17″ Alloy Tires


- 2. 0 Liter 16 Valve In-Line Four Cylinder Engine
- MacPherson Struts
- Tokico Dampers
- Garret T25 Turbocharger
- Wheelbase: 102. 8″
- Length: 174. 6″
- Width: 67. 1″
- Height: 55. 5″


- 0-60: 6. 9 sec
- 0-100: 19. 4 sec
- 0-150: n/a
- 1/4 mile: 15. 4 sec @ 91 mph
- Top Speed: 130 mph

Cost: $19, 980 – 20, 500+


The 2003 Mazda Protege is included with a three-year/50, 000-mile warranty that features all parts within the car apart from those susceptible to regular stress. Furthermore, the Mazda Proteg├ę is also included with a five-year/unlimited-mileage corrosion warranty.


I had been significantly amazed how the 2003 Mazda Protege solely will take Premium quality gas. I am aware it is intended to be a performance vehicle however, utilizing merely 170 horsepower… seriously now! The lower hp as well as torque would be the only key faults I possibly could locate within the Mazda Protege. There exists a single modest issue as well – this specific vehicle is actually accessible in 2 colors only! The options are both Black Mica and Spicey Orange Mica. The interior is just available in charcoal, yet it can be manageable.

The turning radius is rather great. I am practically capable of making a full U-turn within a community (mid-block). I needed to reverse a little after which I needed to complete the U-turn. Pretty good for any four-door sedan, however, not as effective as my 2001 Ford ZX2. Redline reaches 6, 500 RPM and not shockingly, the motor is rather noisy on the high end. For more stimulating city cruising it won’t trouble the majority of individuals. It’s not at all as tranquil as a Cadillac or BMW although not as noisy as a muscle car. Once I viewed the Mazda6 I had been somewhat amazed to find out how the 6 acquired more hp as well as torque (220-HP, 192 ft-lbs) compared to the Mazdaspeed Mazda Protege (170 horsepower, 160 ft-lbs). I am unsure exactly how this is meant to encourage anyone to invest more upon a vehicle having less power inside it.

Shifting is sleek as well as sports focused, which implies it’s got a shorter throw (range between gears). The gas pedal had been slightly touchy, which means you should take it easy or you are going to squander all of that Premium gas you have to purchase. The suspension, that reacted nicely for me personally within corners, had been particularly tuned by Racing Beat, a trendy tuner which has been cooperating with Mazda for more than thirty years. The suspension was built to enhance steering responses and effect, manage excessive movement, and maintain the wheels securely grasping the concrete. It appears to have been effective. The 2003 Mazda Protege is nicely balanced. I travelled through corners like butter. Acceleration is fairly decent. It might be improved along with increased torque or possibly a twin-turbo system. The performance braking system performs it’s job nicely. You are able to virtually halt at a second’s notice! I had been extremely amazed. For me personally, excellent braking needs to be an obligation.

Beneath around 2, 500 RPM the turbo isn’t striking which can be fine. What this means is within typical city cruising you will not use up excess fuel. The turbo switches in near 3, 500 RPM. It is just a fantastic sensation and I adore the noise it produces whenever you shift.

Within the music area, an essential benefit within the Mazdaspeed Mazda Protege, additionally, you have the choice of buying a membership to Sirius satellite radio. This system truly is a cutting edge MP3-supported sound system. Kenwood elements complete the interior together with remarkable sound! The deck is known as a Kenwood Excelon KDC-MP919, that incorporates a completely mechanized self-hiding faceplate that won’t surface prior to the ignition being activated, MegaMotion screen monitor which delivers high-resolution, 5 pre-set EQ curves, as well as 4. 5V pre-outs which supply outstanding signal-to-noise performance.

The interior is just as sporty as compared to the exterior. However, simultaneously, is incredibly cozy as well as polished. The interior style is quite contemporary as well.

The 2003 Mazda Protege is secure also. Twin front airbags as well as accessible side airbags are generally showcased. Additionally, there are pretensioners around the seat belts that strengthen their reaction. The passenger area is additionally strengthened intended for enhanced security.


- Handling
- Body Design
- Sound System
- Price
- Turbo Charger


- Colors (or lack there of)
- Too Little Power
- Too Little Torque
- Rides Slightly Harsh
- Ought To Be Twin-Turbo

Final Comments:

Honestly evaluate the Mazdaspeed design 2003 Mazda Protege if alternative sport-compacts tend to be away from your budget plan. This can be an entertaining & enjoyable drive which, along with a little enhancing, might be much stronger and perhaps generate an identity amongst the block. Shed those tires! Or even, if you happen to be the family sort, there is certainly an abundance of space with regard to groceries, children, household pets, and so forth within the rear. The back is actually remarkably spacious. My legs failed to reach the driver’s chair other than after I adjusted the driver’s chair exactly where I’d personally typically drive along with it. I hugely endorse the 2003 Mazda Protege for many individuals, particularly if you desire a vehicle that’s swift yet still possesses a reasonable price range. For almost $20, 000 it is certainly not undesirable at all. I savored driving it profoundly!


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