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2003 Land Rover Range Rover Review


This is my own 2nd Land Rover Range Rover thus far. My 1st had been a 1996 HSE which I had obtained used in 1998, beneath the Land Rover certified used car program. I wasn’t enthusiastic about Range Rover’s at first, however subsequent to my 1st several days while using the classic one, I had been sold.

In expectation of the fresh model, I sold the aged Range Rover, and placed down my down payment for the brand new one, choosing Black with the Cherry wood inside.

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If you have never possessed or happened to be driven around within a Range Rover, the initial impact you receive is one among well-built stability. The 2003 model year failed to let down within that respect. It’s an intimidating truck, somewhat bigger than it’s forerunner. This particular feeling of proportion proceeds while you are sitting within it. It seems extremely spacious. Driving it, on the other hand, doesn’t provide the feeling that you’re driving as big or as weighty an automobile (~5500lbs). The Land Rover Range Rover turns effortlessly and contains, subjectively, a greater turning radius compared to the older models in addition to quick acceleration.

2003 Land Rover Range Rover

2003 Land Rover Range Rover

Motor & Powertrain:

The BMW-equipped 4. 4 liter motor for the Land Rover Range Rover is very strong, however it carries a large amount of mass in order to accelerate. I have observed that it may from time to time become minimally lethargic within typical cruising after awhile. Endeavoring to speed up upon the highway, for instance, will often have the tranny going down a gear. I suppose upcoming design years may enhance the hp, in all likelihood the motor is going to be substituted using a reworked Jaguar V8, or perhaps the Aston Martin V12 being an alternative.

The Land Rover Range Rover‘s motor is usually a touch louder than I would prefer, however in actuality, it is extremely tranquil. The majority of individuals originating from a different automobile wouldn’t normally recognize this, and most likely the sole cause it can be noticeable is due to the fact the other parts of the car can be so silent.

Drive / Comfort / Interior:

The chairs are certainly supporting, the dual-temperature heating system is delightful regarding chilly nights. The Land Rover Range Rover‘s steering wheel additionally includes a warmed rim, that seems absurd initially, however is one thing you end up appreciating once you try getting in your frosty vehicle on a snowy day.

Wind sound disturbance is amazingly minimal, as well as street noise over an assortment of roads is practically absent. The 2003 Land Rover Range Rover drives similar to an extravagant sedan as opposed to whatever else variably equivalent. Land Rover technicians have accomplished a pristine job with the suspension.

The settings tend to be properly organized as well as simple to function free of having to look down. Specifically, the temperature control can be instinctive as well as efficient.

The internal woodwork is truly incredible. Photographs will not achieve justice towards the experience with the cherry and also walnut within the interior. Most likely the sweetest interior I have ever previously witnessed in an automobile.

The music and NAV system are both incorporated into an individual LCD screen within the top area of the dashboard. The music system sounds amazing. It really is simply the most effective top quality stock sound system I’ve truly experienced inside of a car. It employs the Harmon Kardon Logic 7 audio system using a 525W amplifier as well as 5. 1 channel sound. Extremely complete sound, superb image resolution as well as tonal spectrum. Evidently it had been manufactured to play DVD’s with the top-dash display, yet at the time, no American versions include this. It might be obtainable upon European and worldwide designs.


The Land Rover Range Rover can be a hefty SUV. Despite the fact that the motor and drivetrain tend to be relatively productive, you also happen to be shifting about plenty of mass. You should not don’t be surprised to not really have more than around 13mpg within the city, and with as much as around 19mpg upon the highway. If gas efficiency happens to be significant for you at all, then avoid considering this particular automobile, or even taking it further, virtually any sizeable SUV. These factors always can possibly improve, however until such time as that may happen, be equipped for the actual gas expenses for the 2003 Land Rover Range Rover.

The Land Rover Range Rover are typically outfitted within the United States along with tinted windows with the rear seats and backside window. The headlamps (xenon) are generally attractive, however the high beams don’t appear as vibrant and vivid as my previous Range Rover.


In the end, the 2003 Land Rover Range Rover is truly a wonderful, rugged, off-road beast, that is not only beautiful on the inside, but innovatively attractive on the outside. Although, not quite a fuel efficient family vehicle, for the true enthusiast, it truly is an amazing ride.

2003 Land Rover Freelander Review


The Land Rover Freelander is most definitely the next Defender. The Defender is famous worldwide as being among the most effective off-road automobiles previously manufactured. Could the Land Rover Freelander surpass the Defender’s reputation?

My initial sense of the Freelander was that I wasn’t keen on the rake in the hood. I understand that it heightens field of vision which is a wise suggestion, however it simply fails to flow as I view it.

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2003 Land Rover Freelander

2003 Land Rover Freelander


The Land Rover Freelander possessed sufficient power designed for an extremely tiny SUV. The 174 horsepower seriously is not bad, however I question if it’s going to have a difficulty retailing within the present industry along with hp wars towards every one of the SUV manufacturers.

Torque 177 lbs. -ft. had been great, as well. It accelerated from the line very effectively and I believe freeway passing will be simple.


The interior is generally pleasant with this SUV. The chairs within the Land Rover Freelander had been relaxing, and also I particularly enjoyed the storage space at the driver’s legs. The fit as well as finish with the components had been expected for a Land Rover at $28K. In comparison to other SUV’s within this industry, I’d personally point out this really is among the greater ones. Headroom had been adequate with regard to my tall physique.


Very little cargo space at all within the Land Rover Freelander. Needless to say, taking into account precisely how modest this particular car is, it really is anticipated.


Despite the fact that, Land Rover provides a great deal of add-on options to outfit your Land Rover Freelander with, you will find 3 model levels are available: the S, SE and HSE. Stock equipment for the S consists of power windows as well as central locks, air conditioning, remote keyless access along with theft alarm, a CD player, and also cloth upholstery. SE includes leather trim, 17 in. tires, cargo cover, roof rails and steering wheel-mounted stereo controls. The top-model HSE is provided with a power sunroof, an in-dash 6-disc CD player along with a nonintuitive navigation system. Warmed seats are generally an option upon all trim models.


My main concern with the 2003 Land Rover Freelander would be the quality. Used Range Rovers, the company’s main flagship, receive a significant hit with resell worth. I could only envision precisely what this more inexpensive SUV is going to do. I suppose I will simply have to hold on and find out.

I wish I possibly could filter down the quality issues that Land Rover’s have experienced, however I cannot. It appears to me when a thing can fail using an automobile, it has using a Land Rover. We can just hope it’s different with the Land Rover Freelander and the company’s models in the future.

2003 Land Rover Discovery Review


The good qualities with the 2003 Land Rover Discovery tend to be that it can certainly drive almost anyplace. I’m not entirely an off roader, though the one I own was eventually used for cross country excursions through sketchy streets as well as in frequently terrible climate conditions. During this endeavor the SUV performed amazingly flawless.

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The 2003 Land Rover Discovery leather interior is definitely beautiful, on par together with other leading European titles. I appreciated the “stadium” seating with the back passengers also, they watch over the front passenger’s necks instead of straight ahead at the dashboard.

2003 Land Rover Discovery

2003 Land Rover Discovery

The eleven speaker HK stereo system is extremely excellent however may shake the interior trim sections together with {any|virtually any “rocking-out” volume; this may not trouble some individuals however it irritated me enough to get the speakers taken out, loaded with foam, then re-installed. The NAV system can be a really expensive option but additionally rather helpful.


The Land Rover Discovery is not going to triumph in any kind of beauty competitions however it does indeed appear rough along with the optionally available, as well as overpriced with the dealership, brush bars and also guards.


Also not necessarily likely to win any kind of drag races with this particular beast. The Land Rover Discovery will drive rather beautifully at a nice 75MPH for many hundreds of miles and may also get it done whilst tugging a 7,000 lbs. trailer. The vehicle can actually trek through 20 in. of water. The hydraulic cornering support is an excellent function and can save the neophyte SUV motorist out of bad driving predicaments. It utilizes hydraulics to be able to negate horizontal body roll up to .45G of turn after which allows the vehicle gradually lean over. It can create a small amount of noise, kind of similar to a power steering pump however it’s worthwhile.


The Land Rover Discovery is pretty horrible in this area. It receives around 13MPG within the city and also about 17MPG upon the freeway (15.5 using the 7,000 lbs. trailer), plus it definitely is only going to agree with 91 or greater octane within the tank so factor in that cost at the same time.


In the end, the 2003 Land Rover Discovery is a truly reliable vehicle and has excellent off-road features that really impress, but if you can’t afford it and/or looking for a more practical vehicle, the Land Rover Discovery might not be for you.

2003 Kia Sorento Review


I’ve possessed the 2003 Kia Sorento for around 2 months now. Taking into consideration the lower resell value of the Sorento (most likely as a result of Kia’s hindered reputation), combined with the many features contained within the EX model (leather upholstery, part-time 4WD, alloy tires, back spoiler, power driver’s chair, electronic compass/barometer/altimeter), I considered the used 2003 Kia Sorento EX had been a great deal at $17, 000, out-of-the-door…

… and those feelings turned out to be correct!

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The Kia Sorento has become a fantastic SUV. I found a myriad of features located only upon used SUV’s $8,000 to 10,000 dollars additional. Needless to say, the mentioned leather upholstery as well as power driver’s chair tend to be quite pleasant! There had been 3 issues that directed me at the Sorento:

2003 Kia Sorento

2003 Kia Sorento

1) The appearance. It’s really a captivatingly tough-looking SUV. It’s got the bobbed-tail found on a Lexus RX 330, however, apart from that, it won’t appear like any other SUV. The attractive design is an excellent distinction from bland-mobiles such as the Toyota Highlander as well as Honda Pilot. Obviously, if blending within the crowd will be your problem, bland-mobile design might be for you…

2) The motor. The Kia Sorento is run with a 192 horsepower, 3. 5L V-6 motor, integrated having a 4-speed transmission and overdrive. Along with overdrive, the motor includes a fulfilling slow, soft roar to it, as well as nice road-start and also highway-merging acceleration. Devoid of overdrive, the motor has a tendency to grumble somewhat about town.

Anyhow, the motor is well-suited towards the Kia Sorento, regardless of the Sorento’s weight. I would have enjoyed to possess additional hp and torque, yet in any other case I enjoy the motor.

3) Compactness for the “medium-sized” SUV. Despite the fact that the Kia Sorento straddles the border amongst compact as well as mid-sized SUV, the thickness of the Sorento provides excellent seating room within the back. In addition, the fairly modest size for the Kia Sorento in comparison to other mid-sized SUV’s provides the Sorento great parking-lot maneuverability and a decent 36. 4 ft. turning radius. The speed-sensing steerage with the EX additionally developed a broad sensation of compact SUV-like maneuverability.

The nice things aside, you will find negative elements to the Sorento. The foremost is fuel useage: given that I own the weightier 4WD Sorento, fuel useage swallows a hit towards the tune of 15-18 mpg. This isn’t good at all, although the low cost with the 2003 Kia Sorento appears to make up for that…

The other unfavorable factor is the rigidity from the live back axle. Naturally, upon sleek streets, the Kia Sorento is really a vision. Furthermore, the Sorento handles alright along with continually rugged surfaces. Nonetheless, while moving past highway interchanges, speed bumps, as well as potholes, the Kia Sorento appears to jerk and wobble, occasionally, irritatingly. It would appear that considering that the back axle is strong, it absorbs jolts comparable to the way a truck can. Because of this, street defects might be overexaggerated. It’s bearable, but can get old real quick.

An additional slight negative concerning the Kia Sorento would be unsure dependability. My personal Kia Sorento, together with 40, 000 mi. on it, is apparently managing proficiently, however the Kia label fails to truly motivate confidence yet. This might improve should they preserve manufacturing vehicles such as the Sorento.

In the end, concerning the 2003 Kia Sorento, is it’s mostly a fantastic SUV, not only for that cost, but really at just about any value. It’s tough, constructed similar to a truck (body-on-frame structure), has great impact for highway cruising, and will move two-fold duty being a family wagon as well as a weekend four wheel drive automobile. If Kia enhances it’s gas economy and provides it a touch more suspension within the back, the Kia Sorento will be a hands-down champion.

2003 Jeep Liberty Review


I am incredibly thrilled with my own 2003 Jeep Liberty Limited.

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Strength with the 3. 7L V6 is fantastic as well as plentiful over the RPM range. The suspension within the Jeep Liberty is average Jeep quality… unshakable. I had around 800 lbs. of cement mix sacks within the rear storage space, and could barely observe virtually any decrease in suspension. Unloaded, the drive can be a bit rough, however the cornering for the more elevated small wheelbase automobile is wonderful.

This truck, although a compelling performer off-road (particularly together with appropriate wheels) can also be remarkable within the city. The turning radius is actually incredible and you should hardly ever end up being kept held back at a stoplight observing the SUV (as well as the majority of vehicles) alongside you as you try to accelerate away.

2003 Jeep Liberty

2003 Jeep Liberty

The standard Goodyear wheels for the Jeep Liberty tend to be great upon the freeway, superb within snow as well as excellent upon ice, however if you wish to take it off road, an even more hostile wheel might be of interest. The ample four-wheel drive options, along with a bit of practical sense, will likely be certain to guarantee you safely arrive at wherever you have to go in spite of street and climate conditions.

Gas economy can be poor, however this can be a weighty automobile, along with plentiful torque and power which I would personally point out is reputable taking into consideration the above elements.

Trim and Finish:

The interior trim is quite clear, not really overdone, and never inexpensive looking or low-cost in sense. The Jeep Liberty‘s gauges tend to be readable, however, the sitting placement places the farthest rightmost controls with a slight reach. I have additionally discovered the positioning with the gas as well as brake pedal being awkwardly positioned, particularly when trapped within bumper-to-bumper traffic. The brake appears to be located too much over the actual gas pedal, and also both pedals appear to be positioned too far left, producing a cruising posture having a relatively angled right leg.

The heated chairs and mirrors, steering wheel mounted controls, overhead trip computer, sunroof/moon roof, as well as heated leather electric adjustable chairs within the Limited model supply the Jeep Liberty a good amount of refinements.


Just after two years, as well as 50, 000 mi. I’ve experienced a few minimal difficulties, and not one together with the power train.

Cargo and Storage:

Cargo room is fantastic “if” there can be merely two individuals inside as well as the back chairs are collapsed. Chrysler ought to check out their own mini vans, and include a fold-flat back chair within the Liberty. The Jeep Liberty will not be the car for taking the household as well as the family dog on anything greater than a daytime venture since cargo room with all the back chairs up as well as two passengers within the rear is definitely very low. A positive thing is that the Liberty is ideal for towing, because you will have to tug a utility trailer should you intend on transporting any kind of respectable capacity load along with passengers.

Exterior Styling:

Even though the 2003 Jeep Liberty is tough when it comes to off-road capability, and can function greater here compared to most SUV’s, the exterior design, whilst elegant, can be relatively feminine. Being a male owner of the Jeep Liberty, many individuals happen to be beyond pleased to help to make me personally conscious of this. The Liberty’s deficiency of masculinity might be a consequence of it’s more curved compact presence compared to it’s Cherokee forerunner supplying it the feared “cute” appearance just like the Rav 4 and also CRV.


The 2003 Jeep Liberty is a superb automobile which will function within virtually any surroundings and does exactly what it’s designed to do perfectly. The Jeep Liberty isn’t a person hauler, neither a dollar pincher on the pump, nonetheless it had not been intended to be either, and just in case you happen to be searching for these types of capabilities you are most likely within the incorrect marketplace. However, if you are considering an well developed throughout, SUV which will help you to work and perform no matter the circumstances, within the city or within the countryside with all the current features, along with an abundance of muscle, invest in a 2003 Jeep Liberty.


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